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YouTube Beauty Videos I Specifically Avoid


Recently I went over my thoughts about Why I Don’t Watch Beauty Videos on YouTube anymore. But this doesn’t necessicarily mean I have gone and unsubcribed to everyone I used to love. In truth, I have unsubscribed from several, but there are a lot of YouTubers I still follow that I just don’t watch every video. I dislike a lot of the videos…

So what are Youtube videos I avoid? Well….

My _____________ Routine:

Now several years ago, it was super helpful to watch a “morning routine” video. This usually equated to an everyday makeup routine or skincare & makeup routine. They were informative and simple. In the last five years, these have become a full on production of the most perfect morning ever, as if we all live in a great big fairytale. It’s usually laughable, and often, these are to highlight a single product. Show me a big Youtube beauty content creator who has made a ______ routine that DOESN’T contain a sponsored product. Trust me, it won’t be easy. These have also gone from “My Morning Routine” to evenings, weekends, events, you name it. And most are made to sponsor a product. This is not regarding affiliate links. Links are completely different in my mind. It’s when there is an “ad feature” that just sounds like a straight up 30 second-1 minute commercial (because it is!). It’s also not bad to do all of the time. It’s when a creator makes a new “everyday ______ routine” every month. Because, if the product from last month is SO great, why did anything change?

Note: some videos, like “current skincare routine” or hair-care are hit or miss. I pause the video before watching anything, and read the description box. If the video is sponsored by a specific brand, I don’t watch it. It’s a guranteed commercial.  If there is one or two products that were PR I might watch it.

Monthly Favorites:

Sometimes these can be informative, but if a YouTuber does monthly favorites, I have to really question how much they are using of each product. When a new month starts, do they just switch products? I’ve also seen (more than a few times) a “favorite” mentioned that was used ONCE. Um…..maybe that is possible, but I just don’t believe it. I’ll wait for your empties video that includes it:)

Opening PR videos/ “What’s in my PO Box”/Unboxing

These  became more popular about a year ago, but when big content creators began showing what they got in the mail. While it is nice to disclose this, it is SO MUCH excess of product, and the reactions don’t always seem genuine. There is just no way a person can be SO excited over every single product, but the creators also don’t want to be rude to a brand by saying something negative right away. From a business standpoint, this completely makes sense and I would act the same way. But from a consumer standpoint, it feels fake. These just highlight more products that are on the market and feel like a huge commercial, even if that isn’t the intent.

Note: I also know that creators make these videos because they are asked! I see the comments too, but I personally don’t like them.

Makeup Hauls

On the opposite end, I don’t like watching hauls either. I DO completely appreciate that creators are still using their own money to buy makeup occassionally, but there is just SO MUCH EXCESS. The amount in one haul is often what I would need for a year’s worth of makeup. And this is from people who already own a lifetime supply of makeup. I love makeup, but I’m so happy to have gotten to a point where I love everything I own so much, that I don’t really care what else is out there right now. I have a small but wonderfully curated collection. And I don’t want to be tempted to buy something I don’t need, so I avoid these videos. These are the biggest youtube videos I avoid.

Fashion Hauls

Similarly, there is just so much excess that I see. Sometimes, these can be nice if I know I’m going to need something for inspiration. Usually though, the fashion haul videos I see are put up regularly by the same people. And I’m talking a year’s worth of clothes about every months. It’s be nice to see how clothing is rotated, which a few creators have shown, but very few.

Last in this mini-series is going to end on a good note, which is some YouTube videos I do still enjoy!


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