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You Don’t HAVE to Use Your Time at Home to Hustle

You Don't HAVE to Hustle In Your Time at Home

It finally happened. I finally saw another post to the effect of, “If you don’t________ by the end of all this (q-u-a-r-a-n-t-i-n-e), then you never lacked time, you lacked discipline.”

And I call bullshit. 

Actually, most of the time I either laugh or feel slightly nauseous while reading these. The laughing comes because it’s often posted by a person without children. Well, YEAH it’s easier to get your hustle on at home when you’re able to go to the bathroom without your name being called constantly. In fact, as I type this easy, opinion post my 2 year old is screeching my name at the top of his lugs (he’s perfectly fine, just upset that he’s playing on his own for 20 minutes in his perfectly safe play area). Doesn’t exactly lend to that “get shit done” mentality. 

And I’m not working. I remember my working-from-home mom days freelance writing full time and it was low-key HELL. So to the parents who are losing their minds right now, no you do not need to worry about taking up pottery, learning another language, crocheting, or writing a book. Get through your days. Steal away some time for yourself. Get what needs to be done done and don’t worry about the rest.

Speaking of get what needs to be done, done……Unemployment is at a RECORD high right now. People without jobs right now have more important things to worry about than said second language, pottery, and whatnot. So their time is better spent searching for employment, and they certainly don’t need to be reminded of EXTRA hustle or emergency funds (and that’s a different rant but in one sentence: make talking about emergency funds COMPASSIONATE right now). If you’ve been laid off, don’t worry about the hustle. You’ve got enough going on.

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Take Some Time to.....Just Bring Things Back In

In a much more positive frame of mind, there’s also another reason to not hustle (or at least, not worry about hustling). Real talk, one of my children just ran through the room waving around a bag of cereal. So there’s another pause in what I’m trying to get done.

Okay, back to the positive thing……maybe our lives were so hurried that we all needed to take a BIG step back to just SLOW DOWN for a bit. No, I’m not saying this worldwide situation is good. Not at all. But I am saying there are positives to take in. Sleep longer. Get outside more (in nature, safely apart from others). Make food and eat it with your family/roommates. Clean your house. Finish that project you started (if you want to). Do your skincare (okay maybe that’s just me). But maybe instead of using this time to get more done, use this time to evaluate what things you don’t actually miss. Yea I said it. There’s probably at least one thing that you DON’T miss doing. And maybe cut that back or even out once this is all over. I keep thinking of the book, When Less Becomes More, by Emily Ley. She wrote this almost one year ago and it’s never been better timed. The whole book is about slowing down and if you haven’t read it, it’d probably make your whole at-home time a bit more manageable. 

Did it just feel like I gave you homework when I said not to worry about doing extra? If that’s the case, my apologies. Reading is a fun escape for me. It’s gentle for my soul and mind and that’s what this post was meant to say. Be gentle with yourself and others. You do not have to be going all-out when you’re at home. Transitioning to working remotely (with our without kids, but especially with) is tough. Your whole world changing is tough. Your financial situation might be really tough. So don’t be tough on yourself to do more. Do what needs to be done, then soak in the rest.

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