VRBO Giveaway: Private Ski Resort Trip for 20

VRBO.com Vacation Listings  is doing a sweepstakes called the “Win the Mountain” sweepstakes. Win a private ski mountain getaway for 20 people! You get the entire Eagle Point Ski Resort in Beaver, Utah for one day: February 19th, 2019. Not only that, you will will a slopeside mansion with plenty of room for the 19 guests you bring along, a $5000 travel stipend and 2 more days of lift tickets. That’s 3 days of riding, and one of them is literally just the 20 of you vs the mountain. Oh and private instructors if you need them.  Pretty neat!

Eagle Point Resort, Beaver UT photo via Eagle Point Resort



The Rules:

You must be an 18+ resident of the United States or Puerto Rico to enter

You contest ends November 17th 11:59pm CT

You must follow the voting entry guidelines as set by VRBO (there are options for additional entries through social sharing etc)

Click HERE to go to the entry page


The additional entries allow each person to enter up to 6 times per the contest period. Although the contest officially ends on November 17th, the contest fine print states that, “Sponsor will randomly select the potential Sweepstakes winner from all eligible entries received during the Promotion Period on or around November 12, 2018. “  So, you probably want to enter before then as opposed to before the 17th.


Jetty Renters Insurance starting at just $5/month!

Will $5000 get you there?

The contest has a travel stipend of $5000, but can you get 20 people there for that price? Meals also aren’t included, so these are things to consider when entering. 20 people eating for three days can add up fast. Here are suggestions on how to save money on food while traveling.  The nearest major airport, Salt Lake City (SLC) is almost three hours away. The regional airport of Cedar City Regional Airport (CDC/KCDC) is just under an hour away. So you may want to drive to the resort or book a rental car.

Flight Options VRBO

Because it’s still early, you can set up flight alerts to get the best prices on tickets to either SLC or CDC. I like to use Google Flights for this whenever I plan travel (it’s free, and this isn’t an affiliate link). A quick check now shows round trip tickets from Chicago to SLC are around $300, from Seattle are $225, from LAX are $200 from Dallas are $225 from New York are $300. So just with those prices, the $5000 would just get 20 people to Salt Lake City for the $5000 travel stipend.*

What this Means

If you win this sweepstakes, it probably won’t be 100% free for all 20 people. But it is an awesome opportunity and amazing value. How many people can say that they had an entire mountain ski resort kept only to themselves?! Overall, it’s a fun promotional sweepstakes. So go ahead and enter to Win a Mountain!

And if you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money,  you can rent out some space on VRBO. Listing is free (only pay if you get a booking)


*Checked flights departing on 2/18/19 and returning 2/22/19. Flight prices are subject to (and will!) change. Prices were checked on Google Flights. 

This post contains affiliate links as outlined in the Website Disclaimer.

Good Luck!



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