Two Weeks Low Acid

I haven’t had coffee in two weeks. That’s crazy. You’re talking to the girl who would drink at least a pot a day at work. I always drank it black, and I’d switch to decaf at noon. So being told, “no coffee” felt like a death sentence. On Top of That add in no garlic, no tomatoes, and I was left feeling like, “what to I eat?”

What has been the hardest

  • Spices/Spicy Food – this was MUCH harder than even coffee. Coffee was a matter of willpower, but as a foodie, saying no to almost all spices felt like my culinary creativity had been stripped from me. I use a lot of herbs, but frankly, I want to reintroduce spices as soon as possible.
  • Creamy Sauces – Since I was Paleo/Whole30 for over 2 years, sauces were my life. Creamy homemade ranch of any variety, and I’d use it like crazy. But now, the doctor told me to reduce fat. My veggies have felt significantly more boring how that they don’t have spices OR a sauce to go with.
  • Garlic/Onions – I put these together because they usually are together. And they are in everything. Seriously. EVERYTHING.
  • Tomatoes – We were huge on tomato based dishes.
  • Chocolate – I hate to admit it, but I became slightly addicted to chocolate chips. I would have some (or a lot) every evening. This change has been difficult, but it’s really been great.

What has been easy

  • Drinking bone broth. I loved bone broth before, but I REALLY love it now. I found that my bone broth was easily adjusted to have a LOT of herbs, salt, and tumeric. Rosemary is the key for me!
  • Coffee – I miss coffee a LOT don’t get me wrong, but I was expecting major withdrawals. I’ve been fine with a cup or two of black tea.While black tea still has caffiene, I estimate I’m consuming 1/4 the caffeiene I used to with no side effects.
  • Life – that sounds slightly dramatic, but it’s true. My symptoms are already feeling better. I have had two bad stomach aches in a week. One was from homemade biscuits (which I also ate too much of too fast) and one was from *I think* eating too fast. But instead of daily being in pain and bloated, twice a week feels great.

Low acid is doable, and I look forward to creating low-acid recipes!


Hi, my name is Rachel Smith. I’m a personal finance nerd,  Aldi connoissuer, book lover, yoga enthusiast, and budgeting wiz. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska but currently call Michigan home. I want to help people with their finances and eating healthy on a tight budget (no matter what your cost-of-living area is!)

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