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TOP 4 Reasons to Try Walmart Grocery Pickup + VIDEO TUTORIAL

To anyone who knows me online and offline, I rave about Walmart Grocery pickup. What shocks me though is how many people still haven’t tried this service. I can promise you that once you do, you’ll never go back. I haven’t physically walked into a Walmart since I tried this service out last year. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant too, but something about having a 2 year old and 2 week old made the pickup aspect seem worth a try. And while you may not have a brand new baby (though if you do you really need this!), Walmart Grocery Pickup is a game-changer for all. And for anyone who’s wondering, yes I still prefer Aldi for most things, but there are definitely items that are s better value at Walmart or are not available at Aldi. But if my quick ramble doesn’t convince you, here are the TOP 4 reasons to try Walmart Grocery Pickup. I could list several more, but these are the most important ones.

The Service is FREE

Let’s quickly break this down. You are not charged a penny for this service, and unlike other similar services, the prices are the same in-store as they are online. There is no product upcharge! The only stipulation is that your order must be $30 minimum. We do the majority of our shopping at Aldi, so when I finally need to get items from Walmart the total is easily this.

You Choose the Time (and can change it if something comes up)

The Walmart Grocery Website allows you to pick a time slot. Fair warning: sometimes same day is nor available. It depends on who else has already signed up. So I like to plan my order the day before. However, when I filmed my YouTube video, I placed my order at 8:30am and it showed an available time slot for 1pm the same day. I’ve also noticed that Friday-Mondays are busier than Tuesday-Thursday, but that’s my personal experience.

Also, if you must cancel or change the time, you can contact customer service. I’ve had to do this twice, and both times I used the online chat customer service. It worked really well and the issue was fixed in a couple of minutes.

You Can Get $10 Off Your First Order

Yep! Walmart is trying to push this service and that means coupons. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR $10 OFF COUPON. this is a referral link, which I sincerely appreciate, and you get $10 off!

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Car

Honestly, I first heard about pickup months before I tried it. Then, I gave birth to our second kiddo. Suddenly, I had a two year old and a teeny tiny baby. Getting out of the house felt overwhelming, let alone actually grocery shopping with both of them. So when I found out I could just put them into the car, drive up, and drive again? Yes please. Moms of littles, anyone feeling physically ill, recovering from an injury, disabled etc this is SO helpful. And while I think the attitude can come off snobby, this also means you don’t actually have to go inside Walmart if you aren’t particularly fond of the typical Walmart shopping experience.

Is there anything I would avoid?

I’m still picky about produce, specifically on ripeness. But since we get our produce from Aldi, this doesn’t matter. This also means you miss the opportunity to look for any clearance food items that are marked with a sticker in store.

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