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The Only REALLY Good Values in The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Budget Friendly!

Every year Nordstrom has a massive sale called the “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?,” where, you guessed it, things go on sale! Historically, what makes this sale so exciting is that it isn’t the OLD stuff that goes on sale, but it’s the NEW stuff that goes on sale. That’s something I’ve appreciated about this sale for a few years. But honestly, Nordstrom is just way too expensive, right? Well….this list might surprise you! I’ve dug, and dug, and dug to find the best gems of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Spoiler alert: I only found five. To me, the best areas to look are skin care. And in fact, four of my five are skin care choices. In general, Nordstrom just isn’t a place I shop.

Update: the sale is now open to the public! No need to have a store card. Prices are until August 5th but items do sell out. 

Also, I need to say that 1. Make sure this is in your budget. 2. DO NOT APPLY FOR A NORDSTORM CREDIT CARD TO GET EARLY ACCESS, and 3. Just because it is half off doesn’t make it the best value. 4. Make sure it’s in your budget, and 5.’  I’m telling myself this too.

I say do not apply for a card because this is a HARD credit inquiry. This does impact your credit score. And if you aren’t willing to wait the week, it’s too much of an impulse anyways.

Also, this is a prime time to purchase some Christmas presents! You might be thinking I’m crazy, but historically, the prices are lowest right now for the entire year. The benefit of this is also that you have done a lot of the shopping now and will get it out of the way come November.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Trio

While the price tag may still seem high, this set is actually cheaper by unit than my “affordable” cleanser! This set offers 40oz of Purity Made Simple face wash (in the form of a 32oz jumbo bottle and a normal 8oz bottle), and 2oz of exfoliating wash. For $55. That is $1.31  per ounce of product. That is significantly cheaper per ounce than my favorite “affordable $10 cleanser” the Pacifica Rose Kombucha Face Wash which goes for exactly $2 per ounce. So yes, the Philosophy Purity Made Simple is actually a lot cheaper by unit right now than what I thought was my affordable cleanser! And if you are wondering the value difference compared to it’s retail? The site says this is an $87 value, but on Sephora right now, the 8oz bottle alone is priced at $24, a staggering $3 per ounce. So by unit, this is more than half off. So this is actually going into my cart once the public access begins (unless it sells out!)

In general, I think Philosophy has some of the best values right now, because they also have similar set with the Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash. It is the opposite of the Purity Made Simple Set. So with this one, you get 40oz of the exfoliating face wash, and 2oz of the purity made simple face wash. Again though, it’s a fantastic value. that brings the  cost to $1.43 per ounce of product, which is again less than my affordable cleansers. BUT, I don’t recommend the Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash set in this sale. Why? Because QVC has a set for 2 of the 32oz bottles for $79.95. While that is a large cost, that takes the unit cost down to $1.25 per ounce. So if you love that exact face wash, the deal is phenomenal. Personally, I don’t know if I could commit to that much of one face wash at once though.

St. Tropez Self Tan Jumbo (Currently Sold Out But MAY Restock!)

IF you self tan, this seems like a really good value. Personally, I do not. I’ve definitely thought about it during the winter months though, which might make this a great Christmas gift idea if you know someone who does self tan. The only other brand I’ve seen really good results on is LovingTan. To do a quick price comparison, This St. Tropez Self Tan Express Jumbo is 13.5oz for $49. That’s $3.63 per ounce of product. In comparison, LovingTan is $39.95 for 4oz, which is $9.99 per ounce! I think I nearly fainted at that. Again, I don’t self tan. This isn’t my thing, but if it’s yours, take a look!

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser Duo

I have used this cleanser and loved it. It really helped calm my acne when it was worse. This duo is on sale fpr 14oz of product for $24. BUT, if you want an even better price point on a glycolic cleanser, Nip + Fab has one (the Nip + Fab Glycolic Cleansing Fix) that is $7.95 for 5.1oz …so if there is something cheaper out there, why am I mentioning the Mario Badescu one? Well, when my skin was at its worst, I simply could not try new products without getting horrible reactions. So if you USE the Mario Badescu and love it, and are worried about trying something new, it’s a great time to purchase the Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser Duo …if your skin is more receptive to new products, go with the Nip + Fab one from Target.

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

I feel like I have to add this one in for the sake of my husband. There are very few things he gets fussy about with his hygiene, but one of them is caring for his beard. He’s tried a few different brands of beard oils/washes, and he always comes back to “Jack Black.” I will give him credit that he has always used up whatever I’ve found for him though. This bottle is 33oz of product for $60. Yes, that is a lot to spend on a beard shaving thing. It works out to $1.82 per ounce. But on the Jack Black’s website? The same shave was is $11.50 for only 3oz. So that unit price is an astronomical $3.84 …so this is nearly half off per unit. Again, if this isn’t something you would ever want/buy, you might think I’ve lost my mind. But I’m telling you, a happy hubby with his beard is a nice thing in our household.

BeautyBlender Blend.Cleanse.Carry. Set (Currently Sold Out But MAY Restock)

If you love makeup, you know that makeup sponges are a big deal. they can help really transform the power of a liquid foundation. BeautyBlender is the brand that completely changed the makeup sponge world. Their price point proves it. But if you like them, it is a great value. This set has TWO beauty blenders, a mini solid cleanser (which last forever) and a travel case for the beautyblenders for $35. The travel case things are new, and while they might seem silly, I can see the benefit of allowing them to dry while protecting them. It seems like a smart way to prevent mold. The set claims to be a $60 value, and I can understand that. Most single beauty blenders are around $20! And while you can get knock-offs, like the Real Techniques one for $4.49 you know the difference if you love makeup. Personally? I don’t mind using my fingers or the Real Techniques sponge, but I think the blend.cleanse.carry set is a fantastic value for a gift! If you’ve got a huge makeup lover friend or family member, this is a good option.

And that’s it. While the sale does include a lot of beautiful bags, clothes, and shoes….none of them still seem like a very smart option.

What do YOU think of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Worth It? Skipping It? Let me know!


this post contains affiliates. Don’t worry, I only picked items I’d legitimately buy myself. The revenue goes to running this little site of mine and I really appreciate it 🙂
NORDSTROM Anniversary Sale is here! Brand-new arrivals, super-sale prices. Ends August 5.

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