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Surprising Things I’ve Seen at Aldi

I started becoming an avid Aldi shopper in 2013. I was 19 years old and on my first college co-op (like an internship in engineering but can also count towards college credit. Mine was 8 months). I’d heard of Aldi from a friend and the prices blew me away. Back then, Aldi seemed a lot less “cool” than it is now, but who cares? I was able to eat tons and tons of produce for a fraction of the price. That love of Aldi has absolutely stuck with me through the years. It’s the store that allowed us to eat Paleo & Whole30 while paying off what began as six figures in student loans. We’re debt free, but that’s a different story. And while the prices at Aldi HAVE gone up (booooo), they have also introduced a lot of really cool things. Enough lately that I wanted to share.

yep, this is from Aldi. It was only $4.99 =)

Surprising Things I’ve Seen at Aldi

note: things in bold are items I’ve bought! This is in no particular order or genre. Some things I don’t remember the official title for. Many of these are “AldiFinds” which means they aren’t permanent items. This just goes to show why it’s worth checking them out! Not sponsered by Aldi, they’ve just saved me probably thousands of dollars over the year.

  • an air plant (pictured above)
  • silicone muffin tins for $2.99
  • riced cauliflower and yes, I made my easy toasted cauli-rice!
  • home bicycle trainer (the kind you set your own bike into, hubby wanted this bad but we didn’t get it in time)
  • chocolate almond milk
  • local craft beer – this one is cool. It happens to be my husband’s FAVORITE local beer too! I talked to a manager and she said it’s now a policy that all Aldi stores have one local (regional) craft beer available. I don’t know what the options are everywhere, but in our area it’s Bell’s Two Hearted.
  • a faux YETI cooler. It looks legit!
  • Disney kids swim suits
  • a patio set – a loveseat with two chairs and a coffee table setting
  • Spindrift (though it’s actaully cheaper to buy from Target but I didn’t realize until after. Oops!)
  • a Dutch Oven
  • “wicker” style hose reel/storage
  • cadbury mini eggs
  • closet fabric storage bins
  • aloe vera plants
  • spray 100% extra virgin olive oil (I believe this was $1.59 a bottle so I realy hope Aldi brings it back!)
  • ghee – making it is still way cheaper (click here for my easy, no cheesecloth ghee recipe), but hey, they still have it!
  • double walled stainless water bottles
  • advent calendars
  • marble cheese platter/cutting board (I wanted this but didn’t snag one in time)
  • Japanese Maple Tree for $14.99! I actually returned it though because I missed that the max height was 6.5 ft. Still an amazing value though!
  • washable swim diaper
  • GT’s Kombucha (I like to make my own, but the price is unbeatable)
  • Greeting Cards – Aldi has stepped up their game with greeting cards. They are $0.99 each but have ALL the fancy stuff on them. Glitter, foiled sections, slightly 3D wording. Really pretty designs, and I have no clue how they can sell them for $0.99..the same would easily cost $7+ if it were by Hallmark or Papyrus. They come out with new ones each holiday, and they run out fast!
  • lobster
  • street taco size tortillas (they are really small, like 4in diameter)
  • Acacia Wood serving sets, salad bowls etc

Guys, Aldi has some CRAZY cool stuff. I’m not saying it’s always the best price, but usually it is. Quality-wise, everything I’ve gotten there has been I’m amazed by what they have sometimes! Also, if you are reading this soon after I put it up, I’ve got another list on my Instagram with what I think are cool AldiFinds in this week’s ad (beginning 6/13) and next week’s ad (beginning 6/20). Click here to see that post with all the extra ideas!

What’s something unexpected you’ve seen at Aldi? Have you bought anything on my list? I love hearing about other AldiFinds!



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