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Strawberry Mint Kombucha

I’ve brewed kombucha for over a year now technically, but have only been drinking the brews on and off for a few months (because of being pregnant. I opted not to drink home brewed kombucha. discuss with your OBGYN, as I’m not a doctor). I never really got into flavoring much before. But now? I’m addicted. Especially since my first three were big successes. My family keep asking for more kombucha! Aside from the probiotic benefits, kombucha is just dang tasty. But if you are squeamish about the fermented tea, I don’t blame you. It took me TEN YEARS of knowing about kombucha to be convinced to actually take a sip. Yep. My biology teacher had some brewing and explained the benefits, but that “nasty mushroom tea” never escaped my memory. Then, when I actually tried bottled kombucha, I wanted to smack my head on a table. It’s delicious! But after drinking bottled kombucha for awhile I decided to try to homebrew because store bought kombucha is expensive. 

I’m not going to go into the mechanics of brewing kombucha, that’s for a different post (it’s half typed already, don’t worry!). This is about the Strawberry Mint one I tried. You see, as I mentioned, I failed to ever do much flavoring last year. Then, my mom gave me the book True Brews. It has recipes for sodas, kombucha, keifer, beer, mead, and wine. I’m totally going to try some others, but I decided to use the book as inspiration for flavoring. Really, I just needed the recommendations on general quantities. The book True Brews so far is really helpful if you are a beginner! I also have the Big Book of Kombucha on my wish list for even more flavoring ideas.

My Strawberry Mint flavor isn’t out of that book (that’s called copywright infringement lol). This batch was brought to you by a combination of factors: 1. strawberries were on sale and 2. my puppy was naughty and ripped my mint plant out of my herb garden. Yes, really. thankfully it seems to be fine, but I had a few mint leaves that needed to be put to use. Becuase I didn’t know how potent the mint would be I went small. This “batch” filled a pint sized mason jar.

Anyways, I used 2 strawberries, 5 mint leaves, and filled the pint with my continuous brew plain kombucha. The key? really smashing up the strawberries to let ALL the juices out. I used a meat tenderizer for this and it was fantastic. I will continue to do that because it helped the flavor so much. I covered with coffee filters and let brew for 3 days. I didn’t bottle, so this wasn’t carbonated. This pint was simply for flavoring and it nailed that. Then, I simply strained with a fine mesh strainer (highly recommended unless you like chunks of fermented fruit), chilled, and drank it up.

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