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Budget Natural Skincare Routine (feat. Pacifica Beauty, Thayer’s Natural, CeraVe, The Ordinary & More!)

This is my natural budget friendly skincare routine. And this is a FULL routine to satisfy all of you other skincare addicts/lovers like me. Going on a budget doesn’t need to mean sacrificing your beloved skin regimen. Sure, you can narrow this down to only the wash, toner, and moisturizer. But I wanted to include EVERYTHING, including treatments and masks. Nearly every item on here is marketed as “for ALL skin types” so hopefully everyone can find some inspiration here. Each item I spent under $15 for. First there will be a list for those of you who only care about the products, then below I’ll detail how I use them and a review on each product. Finally, I’ll give you my tips on how to save the most money (many items I purchased at least 30% off their already low prices. I do not use every product in this list daily, so please keep reading after this list to understand how these all fit into a full routine. 

My skin is combo/oily, very sensitive, and acne prone. It seems to like plant extracts and hyaluronic acid. Finally, I’m not a dermatologist. Just a skincare lover who loves good natural products and wants to save some money.

note: each item mentioned was purchased by me. this post includes affiliate links that keep this website running and cost you nothing. I sincerely appreciate each click!

Products in my Natural Skincare Routine

*These items retail slightly above $15 but I will teach you how to get them for under $15 below, keep reading! 

** This is the only item I haven’t used yet but plan to purchase. Including it because the Retinol I use is old, but cost $55 originally. This is what I will purchase when it’s gone.

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My Morning Skin Routine

In the mornings, I take an exfoliating cotton round and use the Micellar Water. Then, I immediately go in with the Thayer’s Rose toner. I let this dry slightly, then apply a few drops of the Sea & C Love serum all over my face, and work any excess onto my neck area. I avoid the eye area. Then, I do the same with one pump of the Rose Day & Night Cream. Finally, I finish with the CeraVe eye cream.

(Note: if the CeraVe Eye Cream affiliate link leads you to a Walmart page that shows “Try Again” or “Go to” click the Try Again option and it should continue through)

This process takes about 2 minutes. It’s super fast because it require no washing/rinsing with water. That also makes it great for travel! There are even travel sizes of the micellar water and the toner so you can be TSA cleared. The other morning products are well under 3oz. 

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My Evening Skin Routine #1

The reason there are three evening skin routines are because I’m just THAT extra. Actually, I just alternate treatments, then take a night off. Otherwise these routines are the same.

I use the Rose Kombucha Face Wash to remove makeup and cleanse my face. I dry my face with a towel, then I use an exfoliating cotton round with the micellar water. Use until there is no visible makeup/dirt on the round. I also completely remove mascara with this. 

Then, go in with the Thayer’s toner. Allow to mostly dry. Then use the glycolic acid on a cotton round and buff into the skin in circles (act like you’re polishing your face). Finally, I finish off with the Coconut Probiotic Water Technology Rehab Cream. If my skin is feeling super oily, I’d just use the Rose Day & Night cream here instead. Finish with the CeraVe Eye Cream, then get some beauty Sleep.

Total Time: 5 minutes-ish

My Evening Skin Routine #2

Like, I said, these routines are quite similar.

I use the Rose Kombucha Face Wash to remove makeup and cleanse my face. I dry my face with a towel, then I use an exfoliating cotton round with the micellar water. Use until there is no visible makeup/dirt on the round. I also completely remove mascara with this. Then, go in with the Thayer’s toner. Allow to mostly dry. 

What’s different: Here, use a few drops of retinol serum putting any excess on the neck area. Then one pump of the Rose Day & Night Cream, and also any excess on the neck area. Finish off with the  CeraVe Eye Cream

Total Time: 5 minutes-ish

Using the Clay Face Mask

The Pacifica Kale Charcoal Ultimate Detox Mask is pretty much what it says…an ultimate detox. I use this when my skin is feeling extra clogged, has a lot of acne, or around times of hormonal breakouts. I will also use this as a spot treatment on any really big acne. This is my least frequently used product, but it’s a powerhouse that comes through when I do need it.

How to use: After cleansing and toning, apply a thin layer then allow to dry (usually 15minutes). I like to hop in the shower to remove, then use face wash, tone, use my glycolic acid treatment, then the rose day & night cream. The glycolic acid treatment seems to really kill the gunk after the pores have been really opened up by the mask.

Using the Watermelon Sleeping Face Mask

If my skin is looking dull, feeling dry, or just seems like it needs a little something extra, I’ll use this “sleeping mask” as a pick me up.

Ways to Use: there are two ways I use the Watermelon Face and Sleep Mask. One, as an overnight mask. I’ll use the micellar water, followed by the Thayer’s toner. Then, I’ll slather this watermelon sleeping mask onto my face and go straight to bed. I’ll usually skip eye cream because I’m scared to mix the two and get this product near my eyes.

The other way I use this is in the shower. After I wash my face (and shampoo my hair), I’ll put this on my face while I do the rest of my…shower things, such as condition my hair, wash my body and shave. The time this mask sits on my face along with the steam seems to work wonders. Once I get out, I’ll use toner, a serum (the Sea & C Love if it’s daytime, or the retinol if it’s bedtime), and the Rose Day & Night Cream

Ways to Save Even More....

These products are already at a great price point, but who doesn’t love a deal?! I’ve saved money a few ways. 1. BOGO 40% Off (or 50% off if you’re really lucky!) at Ulta on Pacifica Products. Then stack whatever coupon they have. Click here for the current Ulta coupon. 

Otherwise, Target often holds sales on skincare. The exfoliating cotton rounds are almost always 5% off with the Target Circle (Cartwheel) discounts. So if you only need one item that can be great. Recently, they had 40% off my day moisturizer, and an additional coupon so I was able to get it for around $7. If you aren’t able to find a coupon/discount, Walmart tends to have the lowest “retail” price, but does not offer every brand/product mentioned.

Basically, just wait for deals when you can, check online (I’m totally a fan of buying online and picking up at the store, which Walmart, Ulta, and Target all have!), and stock up if you see a great deal. Doing this becomes easier with time once you know what your skin likes. 

Also, don’t be afraid to return if the product causes major problems right away. If there is obvious irritation within a few uses, return the product. No, it’s not the most sustainable practice. But if you aren’t going to use the product, you should at least get your money back if you’ve hardly used the product. 

Questions? Comment below! Are any of these your fave too?

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A few more thoughts....

I wish these products weren’t mostly in plastic packaging. While many of these containers can be recycled, that still isn’t ideal. I’ve played around with minimal skincare, including using only raw honey. But this is what’s worked best for my skin. I choose to focus on other areas and do my best! This skincare has helped clear my skin, heal prior acne scarring, reduce melasma (from pregnancy), and keep my eye bags less dramatic. I sincerely hope this can help you with some skin issues too!


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