simplifying part 1 (the home)

simplifying the home part 1: storage/simplified wish list

I’m re-reading one of my favorite books, A Simplified Life by Emily Ley. It’s a book that I can finish and immediately start again because the advice is really that great. Within this book, she gives several examples of ways to simplify your life. So this time, I decided to document the process on here as opposed to my personal notebook. This simplifying process will follow her book’s recommendations, but I’ll mention if I make any deviations or additions. If you’ve ever “Simplified” let me know! Emily Ley is basically my favorite human to follow. 

step one: the wishlist

From the book,do not spend a single dollar on this process.” However, it’s important to keep a wishlist because you never know what you may find! It can also be fun to see how the “need” for your wishlist goes away as you go. But to start, here is my wishlist. I’m going to print it off and keep on hand. Keep in mind these items are specific to our family, home, and spaces. For example, I sell a lot of clothing on Poshmark, so some of these wish list items wouldn’t make sense to “simplify” other’s lives. These are also the higher end of items we would look for. If at the end of this process I need things on this list, I’ll check for secondhand options before making a purchase.

note: this is my real wishlist with real links. If at the end of this process I purchase anything new (shop secondhand first!), it will be directly from these affiliate links. See Website Disclaimer for more about Budgets & Kale affiliate links.

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for the bedrooms

for the bathrooms

for the entryway + living room

for the offices

for laundry room

for poshmark (online clothing side hustle)

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