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Michigan Greenhouses Need Pickup and Delivery Options to Survive Amid Crisis

What this IS:

– A reminder of how vulnerable these greenhouses and garden centers are (why they are more than any other industry).

-What to do, how ANYONE can help.

What this IS NOT:

– Bashing the government or regulations

– A statement that Greenhouses are the only businesses affected

Michigan greenhouses MUST be allowed to do curbside pickup and/or delivery. Here’s why.:

It is undeniable that most service industries are being severly impacted by the pandemic. But what makes greenhouses the most vulnerable is that their window to earn revenue is VERY limited. Some greenhouses are open as little as one month a year, in which they earn their revenue for THE ENTIRE YEAR. Allowing these businesses to participate in pickup and delivery is not going to make everything okay, but it offers at least the chance for survival.

The major thing that sets apart greenhouses and garden centers from restaurants are two things 1. The lack of ability to earn normal levels of revenue after this point, and 2. The large inventory that will be useless afterwards. Gardening has a specific window in Michigan. If people are not allowed to purchase plants, those plants will not grow well this season. 

In addition, this is the perfect time to be more self-sustaining and begin a vegetable garden. By blocking these purchases, the state is effectively putting more long-term pressure on supply chains and grocery stores for all produce.


Countryside FB Post
via Countryside Greenhouse Facebook Page (linked)

Other Non-Essential Activities are Still Allowed, So Why Does Gardening Get the Short Stick?

A point made within the executive order is that the activities of greenhouses and garden centers are “non-essential.” While I’ve already made the argument that gardening FOOD would actually help supply chains….fine. We can consider them “non-essential” for this last point. Why then are home decor, arts and crafts, games, cosmetics, etc still allowed to be sold in big box stores? These are NOT essential to daily living. And any argument FOR these categories could similarly be applied to gardening. Education, mental stimulation, physical activity…. etc…..ALL of that can be applied to gardening/greenhouses. So while big box stores are allowed to generate that revenue (on items outside of gardening etc), the local greenhouses are left vulunerable. Gardening is an outdoor physical activity. According to the ordinance outdoor physical activities are allowed. 


See the full executive order here.

What Do We Do? Is There a Solution?

Contact The Governor’s Office. Give specific points as mentioned above. Do so respectfully. This office is under extreme pressure ans scrutiny. I believe that this order was done under the best intentions, but without full consideration of the permanent damage that comes of it.

Share your opinion online here:  I’d recommend utilizing the online form because it is quick, you won’t be on hold, and you can complete it anytime, not just during office hours.

Idea of what to say (feel free to copy/paste this into the form).

“To the office of the governor, thank you for making decisions in an effort to keep Michiganders safe. Unfortunately, the executive order 2020-42 puts a burden on greenhouses and garden centers that will not be lifted once these orders are lifted. These businesses have a very short time to earn revenue that they cannot get back. During this time, their inventory also requires resources to maintain. Stores are still allowed to sell non-essential activity items such as recreational sports equipment, arts & crafts etc, so why are these greenhouses not allowed to sell? These greenhouses and garden centers also sell fruit/vegetable seeds/plants, which could help Michiganders create a self-sustaining food source this year. At the least, please consider allowing these centers to sell via curbside pickup or delivery. Thank you.”


You can also reach the office by phone or mail as shown below.

Contact Michigan Governor Office Greenhouses
via ..... call the above numbers

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