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Reused and Recycled. Our Recycled Glass Soap Container

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reused & recycled. lessons from a soap dispenser

Nearly two years ago, we made the move from our duplex into this house. The first home we’ve owned. In the move, there were several “good enough for now” items to use for the move. One of those was a 4-pack of soap containers. We had a soap dispenser in our rental duplex, but that was a one bathroom with one sink, and this house is a 3 bath with 4 bathroom sinks. I don’t like plastic, but had no clue what kind of decor we would use in the other bathrooms of this home, so we refilled the dispenser when it was empty.

We refilled them again.

and again.

and again.

and so on.

Now, we’re exactly two weeks from closing on the sale of this house to move into our “new house.” Aka our slightly smaller, much better location, much less expensive home. There’s one less bathroom, and only one sink per bathroom, so I’m only short by one soap dispenser. Yay!

Even better is that I actually have a vision for the decor in our master bath. So I finally bought a new soap dispenser. And do you want to know my favorite part? It’s made from recycled glass! And it was only $10! And it matches the other metal in the bathroom

I’m SO ready to make this new house a home. And as silly as it sounds, this soap dispenser makes me really happy. 

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image via Target

But this silly soap dispenser also got me thinking….do we really need to “update” as much as we think? I mean, yea we’re going into a house renovation so I guess that makes the answer YES. But I suppose this means a goal of mine is also contentment. I can’t help but think of how much consumption would be reduced simply with contentment. But also, I’m trying not to be on a soapbox.

Things in our new home don’t need to be perfect. I just want our home to invoke the sense of calm, safety, and love. And for whatever reason, this recycled glass soap dispenser makes me feel calm, and happy that it’s made primarily from a recycled source.

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