It’s Reset Time. I Feel Like Junk.

Did you begin 2017 in a healthy way only to find yourself slipping into bad habits just a couple of months later?

Me too.

In fact, I seem to have developed habits I didn’t even have before! Today, my pants are tight. I feel uncomfortable in my skin, my face is broken out, I’m crabby, and I am tired. I’ve been eating sugar and junk that I know I can’t handle much of. I’ve found myself eating the foods I know are total junk just because. Tortilla chips, candy, Girl Scout Cookies, Cashew Milk Ice Cream (okay that one was strep throat induced), bagels, and donuts have all been eaten by me in the past two weeks. Normally I would have maybe one of those in that time frame. 

A quick note: I’m going to reference “Whole 30” a lot here on this blog because that way of eating works perfectly inmy family and with my digestive problems. That coupled with the fact that Melissa Hartwig is my forever #WCW means I love everything about the program and “life after” aka what I’m calling this reset time frame. More on all that later.

I’ve lost my willpower. Today I ate a donut simply because it was offered to me and sounded “kind of good.” I didn’t enjoy it with a hot cup of coffee like I would if I had actually been craving it. It wasn’t even a flavor I like, so WHY DID I DO IT?

I’m not really sure, but it struck a chord and I’m admitting that I need a change.

It’s reset time.

What is a reset? For me, a reset time is eating Whole 30/Paleo (I have some ham with added sugar that I won’t waste) for the next 5-10 days depending on what I need. I’m not crash dieting. I’m getting myself back into the practice of mindful eating! This type of reset is discussed in Melissa Hartwig’s third book, {Food Freedom Forever}. I love this book and to anyone who has struggled with overeating or undereating it’s a great read! It is the third in the Whole 30 series. Info at that website is linked because it’s way too much for me to explain quickly.

Also, for the record, I do think that weight fluctuation is a totally normal thing. It isn’t just size/weight that worry me. My acne has really flared up and I KNOW it is because of my current food habits. I’m sluggish and unmotivated at work thanks to sugar crashes. I’ve barely been drinking water which is very, very weird for me.

So what’s next?

Well, thankfully I did bring a healthy almost-Whole 30 (that ham) lunch. It’s cauli-rice with ham, onions, peppers and a lot of spices. This is all mixed with arugula for extra greens. Then, tonight I’m going to refresh my memory and read a little bit of Food Freedom Forever for some inspiration.

Next is a grocery trip to get produce and some other necessities. I’m going to try to write out my grocery lists so that others can see how I plan meals and how we actually shop.

Then, finally: MEAL PREPPING. My husband and I have slipped on this last week and it was awful. I know this was  a major contribution to eating junk, so I’m about to go cook a frittata right now. I actually have a Pinterest board dedicated to Whole30/Paleo foods.

If any of you would like to join me, I’ll be posting a bit more on my Instagram account.

With Motivation,


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