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Whole30 White Chicken Chili (Slow-Cooker)

Today was a day of busy house-things after a week of work travel. TBH I didn’t want to meal prep. So I told myself I was going to make up a crockpot recipe that I could truly just toss in the ingredients and let it do its thing. And that’s exactly what I did. This is a Whole30 version of a “White Chicken Chili.” There aren’t any beans but it’s still reminiscent of white bean chili. That’s where the potatoes come in. The starch added gives a nice heartiness that would be missing otherwise. The best part about this meal? While it was cooking I got to play outside in the snow with my toddler 🙂 Isn’t that the best thing about slow-cookers? Just set it and forget it. Also, my harshest critic, aka my husband (don’t worry he’s also my #1 supporter!) ate two bowls immediately and couldn’t stop complimenting. So THAT is a win. The star of this show is using white pepper. Something about that spice is unique but hearty and warming.  Oh and lastly, since this whole30 white chicken chili is modeled after a typical white chicken chili, it is a thin consistency. If you were expecting a thick stew-like chili, this may not be the recipe for you. If you need a lazy Whole30 meal that really changes up flavors, look no further! This Whole30 White Chicken Chili is here for you.


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Whole30 White Chicken Chili (Slow-Cooker)
A Whole30 take on a White Chicken Chili. No beans, no problems.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 hours
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 hours
  1. Chop up all vegetables into small chunks. Add them into the slow cooker as you go (hooray less dishes!) Be particularly careful to make the potato pieces small so they cook through completely.
  2. Cover with the spices and green chilies, then place the chicken on top. Pour the broth over everything, then cover and cook on low.
  3. Cook on low for 5 hours
  4. Remove chicken and shred. Return to slow cooker and switch to "Keep Warm."
  5. Serve whenever desired. This reheats extremely well!
Recipe Notes

You can shred the chicken as soon as it is cooked through. My slow cooker is very finicky (it was my husband's $12 special from college but it's still kicking!), and I've found the best way to ensure the chicken remains tender is to place on top of the vegetables and increase cooking time. The flavors come together the longer it sits so expect this to get better as it sits in the fridge.

Substitution ideas/recommendations

  • Instead of bonesless, skinless chicken thighs, you could use boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenderloins. You should adjust cooking time (likely much less) accordingly.
  • Feel free to use bone-in if you remove the bones beforehand. I do this so I have bones available to make my instant pot bone broth.
  • Instead of russet potatoes - just about any potato would be fine. Note that sweet potatoes will need onger to cook through, but the flavor would be excellent in this dish.
  • I highly, highly suggest you only use white pepper. It's worth adding into your pantry! But if you must, black pepper can work as a substitute.
  • Be careful to check that chicken broth and diced chilies are Whole30 complaint. There are many that are available, but many are not.
  • Feel free to leave the seeds in the jalapeno! I cook with a toddler in mind. I actually topped my own bowl with crushed red peper and it was delicious, so I personally wouldn't mind a bit more heat.

Let me know what you think, and enjoy! 🙂


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