Making Ghee The Easy Way in Only 3 Steps!
Making ghee at home doesn’t have to be intimidating! In three easy steps (and no cheesecloth required) you can have ghee at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at a health food store.
Cook Time Passive Time
10minutes 30minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10minutes 30minutes
  • 10sticks buttersalted is what I prefer but any kind works
  1. Melt all butter in saucepan on medium heat. Wait until the solids separate from the gold liquid (see photo below).  This takes mine about 10 minutes.
  2. once separated, skim off the white solids with your (clean, completely dry) spoon. I put these straight into the trash or sink. Usually I get some solids on the top and some on the bottom. Put your coffee filter into the strainer, and over a large (clean, compeletely dry) bowl. Pour the liquid into the filter/strainer. Wait until it’s strained (this can take a bit!) Note: if there are milk solids at the bottom, be careful about not getting those into the strianer. If you need to throw out a little extra liquid, that’s okay. It’s better to lose a little ghee than to include the milk solids. Additional photos at bottom of recipe.
  3. Transfer from large bowl into (clean, compeltely dry) glass container. Leave open and let COMPLETELY cool. Condensation can cause mold. Once completely cool, put the lid on and you’re done!!
Recipe Notes
Milk solids at the bottom. This is the point where I would throw out the liquid. It will be easier to ensure no milk solids get into your ghee
I level out my strainer and raise it with cups. I didn’t put this in the list because I just used whatever was nearby. You just can’t have the strainer sitting in your container.

Other helpful things:

  • Your spoon, glass bowl, and storage container must be COMPLETELY dry to prevent mold. You must also wait until your ghee is completely cooled before closing for the same reason. My very first batch of ghee went moldy and I was gutted. I realized it was because some of the items had just been washed and were likely still damp. I’ve made dozens of batches since and have not had a problem.
  • Ghee can be stored in the cupboards for about 3-6 months. Usually this batch lasts my family of three a month and a half.
  • Use on anything you’d want to have a buttery flavor, but know that the flavor will be a bit deeper and nuttier
  • If you accidentally “cook” the butter too long and it goes brown (been there!) continue. The flavor will be great.
  • To get fancy, you could add in herbs while cooking. I’ve personally added rosemary and it was outstanding. Remove while straining.