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Dairy Free Sausage Gravy

This recipe comes courtesy of my husband, who is a huge “biscuits and gravy” fan. The problem? After he did a round of Whole30, he realized that dairy really doesn’t agree with him. I could’ve told you that years ago because of the, ahem, effects, but he was in denial until his reintroduction. That said, it’s still an occassional splurge because he just loves biscuits and gravy that much. He was the one who decided to try out a dairy free sausage gravy, and it’s AWESOME.

Lately, my husband has been doing 99% of the cooking because I gave birth to our second kiddo (a baby boy named Marshall – click here to see on my Instagram) only a week ago. This morning, he announced he was going to attempt a dairy free sausage gravy. This made me nervous because honestly, while my husband is a great cook and grillmaster, converting traditional recipes to a different style isn’t his forte. I didn’t say anything because I certainly didn’t have the energy to cook, and well….it was going rough. The sauce wouldn’t thicken enough, which I would’ve told him but he was so “in the zone” that I didn’t want to discourage. He asked me after about 15 more minutes, “dear, what do I do?” and thankfully my guess worked. Arrowroot! Specifically making an arrowroot slurry. Once he added that the sauce came together beautifully. I always purchase 1lb+ bags of arrowroot. This is usually found in the baking section (NOT with the spices. You will severely overpay if you buy a spice jar of arrowroot). If you can’t find in a grocery store, health food stores have them or Amazon. I’ve bought online before too until Meijer, a regional grocery store, began carrying it. Arrowroot is excellent in grain free, Paleo, or Whole30 baking and is a great equivalent to corn starch.

click here to see where I get my 2.5lbs of arrowroot online

Disclaimer: This is NOT 100% dairy free if you have a true allergy. This recipe uses ghee (slightly browned clarified butter) which is butter with the milk solids removed. For both of us, who have a strong dairy intolerance this works fine. If you have a true milk allergy with severe reactions, this is one recipe to pass. I feel confident that for the average lactose-intolerant or dairy-intolerant that ghee is a great substitute for butter. If you don’t know what ghee is, I have a super easy DIY recipe! It doesn’t require cheesecloth and is how I’ve made mine for years. Click here to go to my easy three step ghee recipe.

click here for my easy ghee recipe!

While this dairy free sausage gravy recipe is dairy free (ish), this does use regular all-purpose flour. This works fine in our “Food Freedom” as neither of us have issues with gluten. I will mention substitute options in the recipe notes below, but please note we have only tried with regular flour at this time. If you do try it let me know! And next time we’ll try to make this Whole30 compliant and I will give an update.

Don’t want biscuits with your “biscuits and gravy” ? Here are some other options of what to top this dairy free sausage gravy over….

  • roasted potatoes of any variety
  • eggs over medium or easy
  • mixed with toasted cauli-rice (click here for recipe!)
  • salmon cakes – yea I know it sounds weird but trust me
  • spiralized veggies, it’s like a creamy breakfast pasta


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Dairy Free Sausage Gravy
a thick, creamy dairy free sausage gravy that uses almondmilk and ghee. Perfect for your biscuits and gravy, or over loads of vegetables!
Cuisine Homestyle, Paleo, Whole30
Cuisine Homestyle, Paleo, Whole30
  1. brown the sausage with the onion, worcestershire sauce, and pepper
  2. create a roux: add in the ghee, once melted, slowly add in the flour (see notes for gluten free/paleo/ whole30 options) while stirring constantly. You need to stir to keep lumps from forming. Continue to stir until the flour appears browned.
  3. Add in almond milk (See recipe notes for substitution suggestions), and add in any salt and pepper to taste - see recipe notes for my suggestion.
  4. Simmer uncovered for 10 minutes.
  5. While the gravy is simmering, create an arrowroot slurry by mixing the arrowroot and water in a small bowl. Make sure there are no lumps.
  6. Slowly pour in the arrowroot slurry, stirring constantly. Simmer uncovered for 5-10 more minutes until desired consistency is reached (see recipe notes). Enjoy.
Recipe Notes

Other options for almond milk that may work. Please let me know if you try these how it works out!

  • original unsweetened cashewmilk
  • oat milk
  • rice milk (though you may need additional arrowroot slurry)

coconut milk is not recommended as you will pick up the coconut taste.

We did not add in any extra salt because the ghee I make uses salted butter. (for the ghee recipe click here)

Paleo/Whole30 Flour Substitutions - these have not yet been tested by me but is a typical substitution I've used in other roux-based sauces that work well. If you try these please let me know in the comments how it works.

  • 1/4 cup almond flour with 2tbsp coconut flour
  • 1/4 cup almond flour with 2tbsp tapioca flour

Whole30 Paleo Serving Suggestions (instead of biscuits or other SWYPO things)

  • roasted potatoes of any variety
  • eggs over medium or easy
  • mixed with toasted cauli-rice (click here for recipe!)
  • salmon cakes - yea I know it sounds weird but trust me
  • spiralized veggies, it's like a creamy breakfast pasta

Note for Whole30 or Paleo that your worcestershire sauce  and italian sausage are both compliant. If you cannot find any worcestershire sauce, substitute coconut aminos.


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-Rachel (and Travis!)


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