Copycat (Paleo) Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade
A paleo version of the tasty “shaken iced tea lemonade.” Refreshing, light, and refined-sugar free!
Prep Time
Prep Time
Simple Syrup
  1. Begin by boiling water. You will need about 1 cup for the Simple Syrup and the Tea Concentrate Take 1/2 cup of boiling water and quickly stir in 1/2 cup +1tbsp of coconut sugar. Whisk vigorously (I did this with a fork in a regular coffee cup). Allow to cool.
Tea Concentrate
  1. Put 4 tea bags into a cup. Cover with boiling water (no more than you need to cover all of the bags). Allow to steep for at least 15 minutes. Once done steeping, squeeze out the bags and remove. Set aside. Allow to cool.
Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade
  1. While the water boils, cut the lemons into thick chunks. You want the chunks large (see image) so that you can utilize the peels after juicing.
  2. Juice the lemon chunks into a large glass pitcher. Remove the seeds and add in the remaining peels
  3. Remove the tops from the strawberries, slice thinly, and add into pitcher. Add in basil leaves at this time.
  4. Add in Tea Concentrate to the fruit mixture. Cover with water until the top. Sweeten with simple syrup to taste. Serve chilled.
Recipe Notes
  • Instead of coconut sugar, you could try maple syrup. I haven’t tried that so let me know if you do!
  • Fresh or frozen sliced strawberries would be fine. Rasberries would make a good substitute.
  • Rosemary would make a good addition to, or substitute for the basil.
  • According to my husband, this makes an excellent cocktail when mixed with whiskey.
  • Add in fresh ginger (grated) for a kick!