One Eyeshadow Look: Three Different Options from One Palette!

I have a relatively small makeup collection. Everything fits into my Sephora Weekender makeup bag except my palettes. I’ve really kept things minimal in the past two years, but lately I’ve been wanting to find a GOOD one eyeshadow look to throw into my makeup routine. The items that have grabbed my attention and been my temptation are the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, and the Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow Sticks. Thankfully, I decided to experiment and look into my own collection first before spending $30 on one shadow stick.

I decided to dig into my least used palette: the MAC Nordstrom Naturals palette. There isn’t a big reason this palette has been cast aside. It’s gorgeous! In fact, almost immediately, one eyeshadow stuck out as a potential “one eyeshadow look” shade: Satin Taupe. Within a few minutes, I realized there were (at least) three one eyeshadow look options within this palette. This pallete was limited edition, but the three shadows I’ve tested are all available in single pans. So let’s take a look at the three shades.

Shades Tested: MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Woodwinked, MAC Mulch

the (discontinued) MAC Nordstrom Natural Palette. All three shades discussed are still available individually!
quick swatches, no primer, taken on a Samsung Galaxy S8.
I used this IT for Ulta Flawless eyeshadow brush for each of these shadow tests











A few things before we get into the pictures

  • The only thing on my face is Tarte ShapeTape concealer. I’m tired.
  • My eyebrows look insane and I’m not sure why.
  • All of these had Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath
  • All of these photos were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S8 front facing camera in crappy bathroom lighting.

Option 1: Satin Taupe

Satin Taupe is….a taupe. This shade catches the light really well and does a great job of looking multidimensional. With a quick eyeliner, this look would be pulled together for work/school really easily.

Satin Taupe on both eyes
on left: mutiple shadows from the palette
on right: satin taupe alone



Option 2: Woodwinked

I found this one eyeshadow look pretty underwhelming. From the photos, it looks like there is barely anything on my lids. That might be because this shade is close to my natural skin tone. The one benefit I would say about this is that I think I could apply this without even looking and my eyeshadow would look blended. This would be the most foolproof one that I tried, and the fastest to apply for a hint of something on the eyes.

Woodwinked on both eyes
on left: mutiple shadows from the palette on right: woodwinked alone

Option 3: Mulch

Confession: I didn’t even want to try this one on in the beginning. I just felt like two shadows weren’t enough to experiment with, so I chose another mid-tone satin finish. In fact, I actually thought Mulch would be way too dark to use all over. The reality is? I love it! This shadow looks much darker in the pan. On the eyes, it seems to catch the light really well. When I look at the picture, it looks like I have more than one shadow on my eyes. The blendability of this shade was also really goood. It came off as a slightly deeper version of woodwinked (even though in the pan they don’t look like it).

Mulch on both eyes
on left: mutiple shadows from the palette on right: Mulch alone

The three compared, and my favorite One Eyeshadow Look from this palette.

Satin Taupe on both eyes


Woodwinked on both eyes
Mulch on both eyes










In a side by side comparison of these three one eyeshadow looks, I kind of have to chuckle. They look very similar. My eyes look a little enhanced, but overall, they are all subtle. That said, each of these took under 30seconds to apply with blending included. When our second kiddo is born (sometime in the next couple of months!) I think this is the exact type of eye look I will gravitate towards: fast, easy, and enchancing. Leave a comment to let me know which one you like best of the three!

When I began this experiment, I thought for sure that my favorite look would be the one that inspired this idea: Satin Taupe. Actually though, after looking through these photos and thinking about the application, Mulch is my favorite by far. Mulch seems to really catch the light the best and also allow for deepening in the crease. The best part about this experiment is that before this, I probably only used Mulch a handful of times. Now, I’ve got a reason to get into it quite often! And that was the whole reason I started this quick experiment: to again dig deeper and use what I have instead of making an impulsive and expensive (the eyeshadow sticks I mentioned are right at $30 a pop!) purchase. So that is my challenge to you: take your least used paletted and try to find a “one eyeshadow look” in there!


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