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Mother’s Day Foodie Gift Guide (Budget Friendly!)

Do you know a mom that loves food and all things kitchen related, but don’t know what to get her? This kind of mom may or may not be addicted to Food Network and Pinterest. She might even put pictures of her food on Instagram. But how do you shop for her while making sure it’s a gift and not an accidental “here cook better for those kids” item? Look no further. This is a fun and beautiful budget friendly mother’s day foodie gift guide. I’m a firm believer that gifts should not solely be practical. Gift giving (and receiving) is my top love language, and practical-only gifts make me sad. I may or may not have cried when my husband bought me an instant pot for my birthday. Judge away. But to avoid anything like that, these gifts are functional, but more importantly they are BEAUTIFUL. Basically, if I could dream up the most perfect, Food Network-meets-Instagram-meets-HGTV, all of these items would have a place in that kitchen. But lucky for you, these items are priced as “Under $15,” “Under $30”, and “Under $50.” They won’t break your budget, but they will give that mama something to smile about.

note: this is a gift guide meant for mom’s who are total foodies and LOVE cooking. if your mom doesn’t fit that description, this probably isn’t the gift guide for you. if YOU Are the foodie though, feel free to keep going for drool-worthy kitchen goodness.

All photos are clickable to see/purchase. Or they just provide great inspo!

Mother’s Day Foodie Gift Under $15

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Mother’s Day Foodie Gift Under $30

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Mother’s Day Foodie Gift Under $50

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I hope that helps!


p.s. yes this is basically a wish list. ha. oh and also, there are affiliate links, click here for the Budgets&Kale website disclaimer.

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mother's day foodie gift guide

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