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Money Wins & Money Fails 7/8/18

Happy Sunday! I decided to do a roundup of some money wins and fails! I like this whole idea because it keeps me honest. It also gives a lot of insight into my personality. After all, what you spend money on is what’s important to you!

Little things add up quick. Don’t Discount the Small Victories, and Keep Tabs on the Little Losses.

Money Wins

  • Got my first freelance contract for a separate post. Exciting times! If you want to collaborate or need a guest post, email me (
  • Chicken thighs were on sale for $0.79 a pound. I bought two packs! I like to buy bone in because I can make bone broth.
  • I made shrimp stock in my Instant Pot. I use the tails/shells from raw shrimp and save until I have a gallon bag full. The depth of flavor this adds to seafood dishes is unreal. And it would go straight in the trash otherwise!
  • I renewed my library books before any fees were due. Phew.
  • Massive Watermelons were not on sale for $3.99 AND BOGO for 4th of July. So I got two massive seedless watermelons for $2 each!
  • I bought two things that make oh so happy on Poshmark. This was using credit from selling old clothes. I consider that a big win 🙂

Money Fails

  • We got an overdraft fee! Oh my gosh do I hate admitting that to the internet, but hubby and I didn’t coordinate one day. We keep a zero based budget (normally with a buffer!) but it actually went to zero. Oops! Side note, always make sure to contact your bank/credit union if this is rare. Hopefully they will reverse it!
  • I went to Costco and overspent. What should’ve been $60 was $110. Oops. Though all items wre consumables and not wasteful purchases. Merely unplanned ones.
  • We had to throw out some old chicken (and I HATE food waste so much guys). Normally I am great about repurposing our food, but one can only eat so much chicken. And although my husband cooked it up, it isn’t really his fault. We were supposed to go to a friend’s house and they canceled last minute. So then we had a lot of extra chicken.

Let me know your biggest money win (or fail, no judgement here!) And if you liked this, check out this week’s Fitness Wins and Fails!


2 thoughts on “Money Wins & Money Fails 7/8/18”

  • Thank you for your post! My money wins this week…there was extra money in my budget and put in my savings account. My car insurance went down by $10. had a garage sale and got rid of some items. Some items I placed online with Ebay and the other went to Salvation Army. I am in the middle of having to relocate due to a job transfer so my debt snowball is on hold at the moment. I got to spend time with my girlfriend and her kids plus I got to help her with the Whole30 diet she is trying. Just sent your blog link to her for more recipes.

    My money fails, eating out too much which is affecting my food budget and stressing out about this move cross country.

    • I’m glad you liked it! I think I’m going to keep doing these because they really do keep me honest. Those are some great wins. Ahhh cleaning out is the best because you get money AND mental relief from those uneeded items going to a new home. Moving is certainly a great reason to pause, good luck! It can be a stressful time, but it’ll be so great once you’re there! And awesome I appreciate the share.

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