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Food Freedom Meal Plan Budget Friendly

This week contains a lot of “food freedom,” If you dont know that is a Whole30 term from the life-after-Whole30 book called Food Freedom Forever. Which I highly recommend by the way! Anyways, I’m excited about this week’s meals. I’ve been not posting meal plans as much with the whole newborn baby thing. I didn’t feel up to full meal plans but now we’re back at it! I’m a little nervous to shop with both kiddos again, but since I did a Walmart grocery pickup order (it’s free!) I ony have to take them inside Aldi. But enough rambling, here are the meals:

Meal Plan for the Week With Costs

$ = really budget friendly

$$ = moderate/budget friendly

$$$ = a little fancier

$$$$= holidays/events/fancy meals

note: I start with Sunday dinner because this becomes Monday’s lunch

Sunday Dinner:

$ Pork Fried Rice Casserole


$ Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Vegatable, maybe toast. (weekend leftovers)

Lunch: Leftover Pork Fried Rice Casserole

$$$ Dinner: Grilling! Steak for Travis, shrimp for me as the main, side of corn on the cob and and “cheesy” broccoli rice


$Breakfast: Chicken&Apple Sausage wth greens and walnuts

Lunch: Leftover grilled food/veggies

$ Dinner: Meatball Subs and green beans


$Breakfast: Chicken&Apple Sausage wth greens and walnuts

$ Lunch: Leftover Meatball Subs and green beans

$$* Dinner*: NomNom Paleo’s “Ollie’s Cracklin’ Chicken” (it’s SO good guys!) with my BLT Dairy Free/Gluten Free Pasta Salad (recipe soon)


$Breakfast: Chicken&Apple Sausage wth greens and walnuts

Lunch: Leftover Cracklin’ Chicken + Pasta Salad

$$ Dinner: Dairy Free Enchiladas with chips/bell peppers and salsa/guacamole


$Breakfast: Chicken&Apple Sausage wth greens and walnuts

Lunch: Leftover Enchiladas and sides

? Dinner: either go out, order in, or leftovers. TBD. (obviously whether we eat leftovers or go out will drastically change the $)


A couple quick notes:

  • I’m worrying a LOT less about gluten and grains lately because of breastfeeding.
  • My mom comes in this week! Whis is exciting, and also means a bit more cooking for me. But it’s awesome because she helps to clean up. She hates cooking; I hate cleaning up so it’s perfect.
  • The meatball subs will use homemade paleo meatballs but on bread. The cost is much better and pre-made meatbals are full of junk. “Corn syrup solids” ? NO THANK YOU.
  • *the cracklin chicken is really affordable to make, I’m just not sure how the pasta salad will end up cost-wise.
  • The grilled food COULD easily be a “$” meal, but hubby insisted that since our first full grilled meal that he wants to go get a nice steak from the butcher. Not a big deal, we don’t do it often.
  • I will shop at Aldi, Walmart, and one local store this week (Travis will pick out his steak from the butcher). I use Ibotta for Walmart and my local store which is a cash-back app. I used to roll my eyes at these things but I’ve gotten $30 back, so I’ve started to actually recommend it instead. Just remember to use it AFTER shopping to avoid overspending!

Hope that gives you some ideas!


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