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Jumpstart Your Morning (AKA Make Your Life Easier)

I don’t know how it’s happened, but I’ve somehow become a morning person. It’s strange. I know. Anyways, certain things have just made life so much easier. Here is what jumpstarts my morning!

Jumpstart with:

  • Pre-set Coffee: literally the #1 thing that makes life better is to have a programmable coffee maker. Waking up to fresh coffee (and just being able to roll out of bed to grab it) makes the day start off easy. {this}
  • Yoga: So even though I just said there is coffee fresh made, I actually like to do a yoga session before having my coffee. Some morning this is 20 minutes, some mornings it’s only 5 minutes. I find that strentching first thing just feels awesome!
  • Meal Prepping Breakfast AND Lunch: I personally eat breakfast at work so both of these are ready to go!
  • My daughter: We have a one bathroom rental, and my husband typically is in there the majority of the morning. So I wake up our daughter and while she eats breakfast, I do my makeup at the table. It’s a nice time to spend with her that is usually pretty relaxing.
  • Making the Bed: So this isn’t a huge jumpstart, but it is really nice knowing that I’ll come home to a nice fresh room.

I hope these tips help you to jumpstart your morning too!

With Motivation,


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