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My Grocery List April 28th, 2017

Does anyone feel like they tend to always run out of EVERY stinking household good at once? I know that it evens out but from looking at my list it is going to be a more expensive trip. April overall has been a great budget month. If I put off my shopping until Monday it’d probably be a record! Actually, I didn’t end up getting several items on my original list because they weren’t onsale. I’m a big fan of the Sam’s Club “Instant Savings” items and I know that these will be cheaper in the future. Also, yes I had to go to three  stores today. Not my favorite thing to do on Friday after work, but hopefully we’ll be pretty set.

Sam’s Club

  • Toilet Paper
  • Dish soap: We get the large jug of the commercial grade dish soap. It’s very inexpensive and works great!
  • Nuts – whatever is cheapest. This was almonds!
  •  Member’s Mark Hickory Smoked Turkey Meat – on Instagram I mentioned that I found an excellent option for deli meat. It’s this one! It is not whole30 approved but is pretty darn close with minimal added sugar. It’s awesome to have in the fridge if not on a round of W30. For whatever reason it is ONLY the smoked turkey kind. There are other types that look similar, but are full of junk. We LOVE this for a quick protein.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cheap coffee – I picked up the Sam’s Club brand for the first time. It sounds promising and is the least expensive option!
  • Cauli rice if they have it….they didn’t 🙁
  • Chicken
  • Kale Medley
  • Tomatoes – seriously, the small heirloom tomato medley CANNOT be beat. The flavors are amazing and I LOVE that there is a variety of colors/types.


  • Milk
  • 2 dozen eggs
  • Assorted vegetables – I got arugula but that was the only thing that sounded yummy
  • Baked goods mix – I need to bake something out of appreciation for a couple of my coworkers. They REALLY helped me out in a pinch and this is a quick easy way to do so. I ended up getting a brownie & cookie layered bar. It looks delicious! Totally unhealthy, but delicious!
  • Gluten free pasta

Local Grocery Store

  • Arrowroot powder
  • Leeks 


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