My goal? To help you put forward your best written work, in whatever capacity that means for you.


I can be reached via the Upwork platform (click here to visit my profile and get started!), or by emails sent to

Some Examples of Services:

  • Content Creator
    As a personal writer and blogger, I’ve talked about personal finance and health. I’ve helped people save hundreds of dollars a month on healthy groceries. Recently, I was also awarded a FULL scholarship to attend #FinCon18. This is a prestigious award within the personal finance community
  • Resume Creator/Analyst
    I’ve helped dozens of undergraduate and graduate students create the perfect resume for their job hunt. By looking at the company, job position, and your unique skills (that maybe you didn’t even realize should be ON your resume!), I’ll work to make sure your best qualities are front and center.
  • Work Instructions
    Within the automotive industry, work instructions were an essential piece of the manufacturing process. I have worked to create and revise work instructions based on customer requirements (internal and external), location, relevant education, and location. These work instructions ranged from education levels of middle school reading level through M.S. Engineering graduates. From shop floor to C-suite, I’ve written the instructions and procedures to keep a company moving.
  • Proofreading
    Details? Those are my jam. I am a certified lead auditor in two areas: Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems. What does that actually mean? It means the importance is always in the details. Whether that is a simple typo, or a paragraph that simply doesn’t make sense, I’ll help you get it sorted out.

What is my goal?
To help YOU put forward YOUR BEST written work. Every time. I hope you’ll consider me. Thanks!