Fitness Wins & Fails 7/8/18

Happy Sunday! I began by writing out my Money Wins & Fails, then decided to do a roundup of my fitness wins and fails! I like this whole idea because it keeps me honest. It also gives a lot of insight into my personality.

Little things add up quick. Don’t Discount the Small Victories, and Keep Tabs on the Little Losses.

Health & Fitness Wins

  • I did 5 workouts this week (went to the gym 6 times but once was family pool time)
  • One of those workouts was on the 4th of July!
  • One of those workouts was a REALLY hard bootcamp class. It was my first one, and it was really hard! REALLY HARD, but I did it!
  • A pair of shorts that didn’t button up last week did today. But something about elastic shorts was still better.
  • I’ve woke up with my husband (or before) each morning – this is also a fail.
  • About a week ago I started taking collagen peptides to help my postpartum hair loss.

Health & Fitness Fails

  • I didn’t sleep quite enough – I have been going to bed a bit late but still getting up early. This is catching up to me.
  • An empty can of Coca-Cola is next to me, and it didn’t get there by itself.
  • I bought a tasty Paleo dip at costco, but ate it for the taste vs. out of hunger multiple times. (it’s really, really good!)
  • We did a family pizza night and something caused me to get really sick. It was either the gluten in the homemade crust or the dairy-free cheese. I looked about four months pregnant within an hour, had horrible brain fog, and had to go to bed almost immediately beecause I was exhausted (thankfully the kids were asleep). I slept about 11hours and woke up feeling much better. There will be some additional updates on this sort of stuff as I’ve had a few health things going on.

Let me know your biggest fitness win (or fail, no judgement here!)


2 thoughts on “Fitness Wins & Fails 7/8/18”

  • Collagen is the best for hair and skin. It takes time but it does work. Using that is definitely a win. I went through a lot of collagen research. For Hair/skin you need types I,II,III,V,X.. I tried so many of them but had a real issue with the texture. I never could get them to really dissolve no matter what they claimed to do. In desperation I went looking through all the Collagens on Amazon and finally found them in Capsule form. It’s a brand called Code Age and I get them monthly on Subscribe and Save. It’s a good option if you would rather go that route. I can’t imagine a day without working out. I do mine at home now rather than going to the gym. When I was your age I lived at the Nautilus gym It is just the best habit to make a part of your life.

    • I had heard of collagen capsules but didn’t know (or realize I knew) anyone who used them. That’s cool! Because yea, my collagen currently is NOT dissolving fully. I may look into that once I run out! Yes I looove moving all the time. I had really bad diastisis recti from Marshall so I wasn’t cleared to for quite a while. It’s really nice to be back though!! I agree it’s a great habit. Thanks! -Rachel

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