My First Run in Months. Here’s How it Went.

I’ve been HORRIBLE about doing cardio. Or weight lifting. TBH, my “workout” routine has consisted of yoga (hot vinyasa and basic vinyasa with the occassional ashtanaga). Yoga is awesome but doesn’t get my heart rate up.  My job can be active, but the majority of the time isn’t. Over the weekend, I was feeling just kinda fluffy again. I’m not sure what it was but I just wasn’t feeling so great. Maybe because I missed Saturday morning hot yoga to be at the DMV (sooooo much fun. *eye roll*). But when the weather warmed up a lot on Sunday, I just knew. I NEEDED to go for a run. So I went for my first run in months.

My prior running experience

My back story on running is this: I HATED running until college. Then I began distance running for a few years. I ran many races (fun fact: my favorite race distance is a 10K) and overall was in great running shape. A year later I got pregnant, and I wasn’t able to exercise at all for the first trimester due to complications. Then I was okayed to exercise and ran a little. By the end of my second trimester I stopped running because I couldn’t handle the weight distribution and pressure. Major props to the women who run their entire pregnancy! Last summer, I ran a minimal amount. Considering I used to run an average of 30 miles a week, I averaged about…..5? per week last summer. Even that number sounds generous but we’ll roll with it. Over the winter, I essentially just didn’t run because running in snow just doesn’t sound plesant, and I was too lazy to get my booty on a treadmill.

Some inspiration

So anyways, my husband inspired me to run this weekend because he went mountain biking on Saturday and Sunday. He has been about as active as I have been, yet both days he came back saying, “Wow I actually felt great out there.” I told him it’s probably because he’s a lot lighter than he was last summer. When there is less of you to move around, the moving becomes easier. I also realized that I’m probably 5-10lbs lighter than I was last summer.

So seeing him all happy about his cardio combined with the whole “not going to hot yoga on Saturday” made me want to go ofr a run. Once I decided to, I was dreading it. We had just gotten back from a big meal with my in laws (BBQ Chicken, salad, and sweet potatoes) that included a bit of wine too. My stomach was settled but not as light as I’d like to be on a run. Since this was about to be my first run in months, I was fully prepared to be wheezing my way through the first mile. In fact, I was ready for walking breaks. I was prepared to fail. But my husband remineded me that it’s the first time back, so you’ve got to just get the cobbwebs out and do it. My iPod wasn’t charged. Great. That meant I had to bring my phone, which I despise doing because I like to be hands free. I didn’t want to eat up data so my song list was limited. Yet, I decided it was still worth it. Even if it would only be a mile. So I set out at a nice slow and steady pace.

and my first run in months was…

My mental goal was to not have to walk. And then, something happened. Running was feeling very natural. More natural than it has in years. The music selection was perfect. It wasn’t too heavy but had a fast enough beat to jog/run to. I did the section that I had planned to be my full run, and decided to just keep on going. I went for what I knew was longer than planned, and only came back home because it was getting dark. Also because I know it isn’t good to overtrain and I didn’t want to burn myself out on my first run in months (and of the season to come). My planned mile-ish run ended up clocking in at just under four miles, and done at sub-10 minute miles. Yes, those are slow miles, but I was till amazed since it’s been so long! I walked about 400m to cool down and made sure to do some basic stretching.

The morning after

This morning I’m a little sore but nothing like what I expected. I’m stretching a bit more tonight to aid recovery and using my beloved old  foam roller {link!} Overall though? My first run in months went SUPER well and I’m really, really excited to run! Maybe if I keep it up really well, I’ll even attempt winter running. Maybe. 😉

I’m already looking for a 10K to sign up for, because I’m just too excited!

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