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February Favorites 2019

February is just about over, so I’ve rounded up six of my “favorites!” From health to family, and even self care these have been some things that filled me with joy this month!

This month green smoothies have been an important part of my mornings. I make them for myself and Riley. What goes into them changes week to week, but typically involves the following:

  • original unsweetened almond milk

  • banana

  • greens (spinach/kale/spring mix…whatever)

  • any less-than-ideal looking produce

  • frozen fruit (whatever is on sale, usually strawberries are cheapest)

  • collagen peptides

note, the collagen peptides are just for me, I add these after I pour out Riley’s portion. Also, this does mean I appreciate our blender too!

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Spoiler alert: this will probably make every monthly favorite ever. But right now I’m reading the book Shoe Dog by Phillip Knight (the founder of Nike!). It’s inspiring in many ways. While it’s a non-fiction book, it nearly reads as fiction because it’s such a wild ride he went through to get Nike to what it is. I love library books! I’ve linked Shoe Dog, but keep in mind that the library is an excellent free resource. 

image via amazon

I am almost completely out of this spray and I plan to repurchase, but this is the spray Chill Pill by the essential oil company Aura Cacia (not an MLM, if that matters to you). They also make a Chill Pill essential oil blend if you prefer to use a diffuser. This scent helps relax me and fall asleep. There is a bit of lavender but only lightly (my eyes are very sensitive to lavender and this is fine). I spray it onto my pillow every night. That sounds kind of “extra” but I faced really bad insomnia since my pregnancy with Marshall. So anything that helps me, I use because I’m a much better human when well rested. 

image via Target

Another sleep related item is melatonin gummies. I took melatonin years ago to help sleep, but didn’t want to take them while pregnant (note: consult your doctor before starting any new medication or supplement). I bought these back when Target had a BOGO 50% off deal and our pediatrician suggested a multivitamin for our toddler. So I figured I’d been thinking about the melatonin and it was a good time to try it out. I’m SO glad I did. I have truly slept so much deeper with these. 

I’ve got really weak arms. Really. I’ve been trying to incorporate more cardio, and noticed serious improvement in my stamina and leg strength……but this month I started rowing for the first time since college. And it’s awesome! My shoulders, upper arms, and back are on fire in the best way possible. Actually, rowing is a total body workout, so my legs still get sore too! I’ve been loving 10-25 minutes of rowing before yoga class. It’s great and I hope this makes my favorites list again!

Okay, so our family will ALWAYS be a favorite, but a specific thing has been so sweet lately: our kids playing together. Marshall is nearly 11months, and he’s starting to develop a personality of his own. He LOVES watching Riley, and she makes him laugh so hard. Just watching them interact makes me so happy. They are an age where they both play really well together. There isn’t any arguing over toys yet, so it’s just fun for me to watch (and join the fun!). Right now they’ve been super into magnet letters on our fridge. Riley can spell her name, and is fascinated with how many letters are in Marshall’s name!

Let me know something you’ve been loving this month too!

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