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Since I’ve been asked by a lot of people IRL and many online as well, I figured it’d be best to make a Frequently Asked Questions page!

How did you start your blog?

This is a longer answer that needs it’s own post so I’ll make that eventually. Shortest Answer? I bought my domain and set up web hosting on SiteGround. Then I connected my SiteGround account to WordPress.Org (NOT the two are different). BUT if I had to do it over, I would’ve bought my domain name on NameCheap, because as the name suggests….the domain names are cheaper. I’d definitely continue to use SiteGround as my web host though! Although it isn’t difficult to do these things, it does take time! Fortunately the internet is full of answers.

Why Budgets & Kale?

Well, I initally started my blog because we were in the process of paying off six figures in student loans. (We are now debt free) Making a website seemed like an outlet/online diary. I didn’t want to only write about money because eating Whole30/Paleo and living healthy are extremely important to me. So I added “& Kale” to the name becasue I figured most people associate the word kale with healthy things.

How Much Debt Did You Actually Pay Off?

We paid off $56,700 in 14 months. If you just got confused since I said “six figures” in the last portion, you can read about how We Are Debt Free, But I Wish We Weren’t. It’s not a happy story. I will post more eventually now that it isn’t all so raw.

How Many Rounds of Whole30 Have You Done?

3 full rounds, but I only needed 1. The second and third I did to support other family members who wanted an accountability partner. I highly discourage anyone from doing more than 2-3 in a lifetime without the direct guidance of a doctor. Any more than that and frankly you may need to evaluate if you are using the program in a healthy way. Too many Whole30‘s seems to lead into a crash diet mentality that I do not support. Whole30 was amazing for me though, and I’m so grateful for what I learned during my first round.

Why Don’t You Put Up Recipes More Often?

This question has always been given with a compliment of my cooking and recipes, for which I say a sincere “thank you!” If I’m being honest, I love cooking, but really dislike measuring. I cook based off of inspiration. It’s a fun thing for me. But having to pay exact attention to what I’m doing kills my creativity. I’ve probably got 100 recipes (at least! seriously!) that I just need measurements (and somewhat pretty pictures) for! So please, if you want anything in particular, email me at

What Is Your Opinion On Credit Cards?

At the beginning of my journey, I thought they were fine as long as used wisely. Then, hubby and I took Financal Peace University by Dave Ramsey and I was 100% against them. Then I realized that we had never been in credit card debt and I was missing the perks of having a card. So now I’m back to the belief that credit cards are fine as long as you 1. NEVER carry a balance. This is one time where NEVER needs to be said. and 2. Make sure the perks/points are worth it. Our card is slightly lower in perks, but is $0 annual fee forever (not just for the first year as most are). This really also needs to be it’s own post. *sigh*

How Long Should It Take Me to Pay Off My Debt? I Have ______ .

First of all, you can certainly email me ( I’d be willing to help you walk through things. But most of the questions I get initially are very generic. As a general answer, I like to recommend the free debt payoff calculator …this is what Travis and I used during our own debt payoff process and there’s a reason I have it throughout my site. It actually helped us a LOT with our motivation. A LOT. And it works with both the debt snowball (smallest to largest debts by $ amount) or the debt avalanche (debts in order from highest interest rate to lowest)

What Is Your Favorite Exercise?

Seven years ago I would’ve said, “none of the above.” Five years ago I would’ve said,  “distance running,” Four years ago I would’ve said, “Bootcamp/Cardio/Insanity type classes” A year ago I would’ve said, “Yoga.” Today? Probably cardio-heavy group fitness classes. But as you can see from that timeline, I do what I like. Whatever sounds fun and keept me motivated and feels good for my body. Don’t put yourself in a box!

How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

Black. My favorite is from my hometown. Kaladi Brothers Coffee, specifically the Big Wild Life blend, is the best in the world!

What Is Your Favorite Supplement/Shake?

None. The closest thing I’ve taken to a supplement/shake is collagen peptides to deal with severe postpartum hair loss. My opinion on most shakes is that they are filled with sugar. If yours isn’t (please check!) and assists you, then great. Keep using it. But it’s not my thing.

What’s Your Favorite Unhealthy Thing?

craft beer (depends on the season to tell you what kind) and/or warm gooey chocolate chip cookies.

What’s Your Favorite Book?

I’m always reading something new! So check out my Inspiration page because I try to update that if I’ve read something really good. My favorite right now is probably A Simplified Life by Emily Ley. That also makes the list of “5 Books to Read if You Loved Girl, Wash Your Face” and those 5 are fantastic too! Although I have linked these books to purchase, I highly recommend checking your local library! Nearly every book I’ve bought in the last year I read from the library first. That’s how good they are!

What Is Most Exciting to You Right Now?

I am happy that I received a scholarship to #FinCon18 🙂 This is a financial content creator conference, and I’m so excited to meet others within the community and hopefully make some engaged, lasting connections!

Hope that gives some insight!

Email me at if you have any more questions 🙂


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