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Welp, for the first time I’ve definintely bit off more than I can chew. For the first time in my life, I just failed a class. By 6 points (out of over 1000). Disappointed in myself doesn’t even begin to cover it but also, the timing was just HORRIBLE this semester. So maybe this post is a bit of a rant. Maybe I just need to justify it to myself. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty upset right now – not mad upset, just sad upset. Here’s some of the stuff that went into this semester.

  • The most classes – instead of two classes this semester, I planned to do four. Really, under normal circumstances (aka not everything else in this post),this probably would’ve been okay except I had just taken off the summer semester. So I wasn’t even in the groove of balancing life and school. Still decided it was a good idea.
  • I was PREGNANT – Not only was I taking the most classes but I was also in my first trimester. Oh, I guess this is also the first time I’ve said anything on my blog. Yay! Baby! But pregnancy, especially the first trimester, comes with some extra effort just to do life, let alone the extras. Thankfully, I had very little morning sickness, but I was exhausted. After work each day, I’d have to take a nap just to get through my evening and make it until 9:30 and maybe 10:30 if it was  agood night. Without that nap, I had to go to bed at 7pm. So there went the time for classwork. I slept it away. Now, this might have been okay if I had found out after the semester started, but I didn’t. I should’ve chopped my schedule the second I found out I was pregnant, but nope. Arroganly, I decided I’d be fine. *eyeroll*
  • Work has been insanely busy – normally, I take every single lunch break to work a little on my coursework. Lately, work has been so crazy I’m lucky to even get time for a lunch. Being pregnant, I make this a priority, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working while eating. And there goes a big chunk of homework time…
  • And probably the biggest thing? WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. AND MOVED. IN THE SPAN OF MY EIGHT WEEK SEMESTER. So on top of being exhausted just on day-to-day thing and extra courses, we moved. I mean…..moving along with my normal level of classes would’ve been hard, but this felt impossible. And the weekend we actually physically moved in just happened to be the LAST weekend of my course. Meaning the weekend I’d normally just leave our toddler wih my husband and take off for a cafe or library I was beyond busy with moving and cleaning! Again, a big part of this falls on me. I didn’t pre-plan as much. I should’ve dropped Riley off at my in-laws a different weekend and gotten everything done….but I didn’t.

So not only will I absolutely not get a reimbursement for this class, but it won’t even go towards my degree. It’s a slap in the face and reality. Timing is terrible because when you move, there is a lot of items on the “to buy” list. Thankfully, I got pretty worried about this during the semester (except I didn’t think I’d fail I just thought I wouldn’t hit my required grade for reimbursement) and we have the amount for both of my classes in a separate savings account. So at least there is that, otherwise this would be doing some damage to our emergency fund.

Ugh. Hoping I can scrape by with a B in my other class. Because I really don’t want to have to pay for both. I’m just ready to move forward.



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