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Ridiculously Easy Toasted Cauli-Rice (Whole30)

I don’t know about you, but I was intimidated and skeptical of cauliflower rice, or”Cauli-rice” as it’s more affectionately called. I’ve never cared for cauliflower, but or whatever reason, this looked so promising. So I bought some (I’ve also made it but the cost is very similar and way less effort) and put it into a dish. And……I hated it. Hate might be a bit strong, but I did not enjoy the texture. The taste was very bland, which I expected. The cauliflower will soak up whatever flavors you put with it. But the texture just was awful to me. Then one day as I was roasting up veggies I thought…”what if I baked it?” I’m notoriously weird about roasted veggies. I like them extra crispy, and practically charred. But I decided to give it a go, and sure enough, that was the fix! I now LOVE my easy cauli-rice because it’s a super easy way to pack in a ton of veggies. I actually like it so much that I will just eat a big bowl by itself!

Here is the SUPER easy version of how toast easy cauli-rice that is completely Whole30 approved…

Step 1:

Buy frozen riced cauliflower. No I’m not joking. The cost of one of the bags below was $2.50. The last time I was at Aldi fresh cauliflower was $2.30 a head. The sizes were comparable and that is SO much work for $0.20! My time is worth more than that for sure! So, I buy these pretty often. Sams Club had them once but I haven’t seen them in months:( Anyways I’m getting off track…

Step 2:

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Step 3:

Line pan with parchment paper and pour the whole bag of riced cauliflower on there. My bag was 12oz, and I have an awesome really large pan {link!}.

Step 4:

Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil, then add a generous amount of salt and pepper. I recommed fresh ground if you’ve got that option. Oherwise, no big deal. It’s called “easy cauli-rice” for a reason!

Step 5:

Allow to bake for ~20 minutes

note: I usually make this while cooking the rest of my meal. If I feel like the cauli-rice is getting close but the rest of my food has time, I’ll drop down the temperature to 275. This allows the rice to crispen without burning. I really do like some burning though, but it’s personal preference. Here’s what mine looks like straight out of the oven…

                          toasty goodness, yum!

And what it looks like ready to eat:

And that’s it! I love this in a soup, in “burrito bowls,” or as a simple side. If I’m having completely plain I’d recommend addition some additional spices like cumin or cayenne pepper. No matter what, this easy cauli-rice is delicious and a great way to pack in some more vegetables.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

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