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A Couple of DIYs: Pizza Crust and Waffle Mix

Can I be honest about something? I don’t think it’s a secret that we eat about 80% Whole30, 90% Paleo, and the other 10% “Food Freedom”/Whatever We Feel Like. Well a couple of those items that fall into the 10% are pizza and waffles. Here was our experience in replacing canned pizza crust and Bisquick/Krusteaz with a couple of easy DIYs.


DIY Pizza Crust


Pizza is my husbands favorite food, despite the fact that he doesn’t tolerate dairy well (keep reading – more on that later). Something we like to do is make “homemade pizzas,” except we would buy the dough in a can. You know, the kind you unwrap and then it explodes and you jump and get scared? Or is that last part just me? Anyways, the ingredients list on the pre-made dough is TERRIBLE. I looked the other way until my husband requested a DIY pizza night for Valentine’s Day. I decided we should go “all out” and I’d make homemade dough. Honestly, I want to bang my head on my desk for any time we’ve previously bought the canned stuff. I used this “Ultamite Pizza Dough” recipe by Crazy for Crust, and it was SO EASY. And here is the whole ingredient list:

  • Flour (she even lists alternative flours, but we just used all-purpose)
  • Olive oil
  • Active Dry Yeast
  • Salt
  • Sugar (necessary to work with the yeast)
  • Water

Guys, THAT’S IT. No nasties. Nothing crazy. Just simple ingredients, a little (I mean little) effort, and some time for the dough to rise. On my Instatram stories (link!) I even showed that I made the dough before work and let it proof all day. Since there are no eggs this is perfectly safe to do!  Not going to lie, I was also excited that making this DIY pizza crust gave me the excuse to use my beloved-but-underutilized Kitchen Aid Mixer {link!}. The texture and taste were incredible and also both 1. Healthier and 2. Cheaper, which is kind of what I’m all about if you can’t tell by the name of this website! I seriously don’t ever want to go back to the canned stuff. Since we made ours with flour it certainly isn’t Whole30/Paleo, but it is a much better alternative than our beloved pizza nights before. I may try this out with gluten free/grain free flour, but for now I’m quite content just knowing there are no fillers/preservatives.


What else is even better is how this eliminates waste. I bought a huge bag of flour (for very cheap!) from Sam’s Club. While the recipe calls out parchment paper, I use silicone baking mats which act as reusable parchment paper. Our results were great. So no more cans/paper/plastic packaging from the crusts.

Also, to make things even better, I used Daiya cheese shreds as a test, and they were delicious! Normally, I just eliminate cheese on my pizzas. I’m not a fan of nutritional yeast, and dairy is a NOT WORTH IT for me even in my Food Freedom. That said, yesterday I got a huge hankering to make a “real” pizza. Maybe it’s because we were doing something special for Valentine’s Day, or maybe it’s because I’m 32 weeks pregnant. I don’t really know, but I decided to go for it and get the Daiya shreds. (Side note: those DO have additives and fillers and are double the cost of “regular” cheese so if you want to go cheeseless, some additional olive oil and garlic go a long way!) I was really impressed how well they melted and the flavor they gave. I asked online and people responded about 50/50 with “They’re terrible!” and “They’re awesome!” and I agree with the latter half. These will be used only on the rare occasion though because of the cost, but hey! I found an awesome dairy free pizza option!

DIY pizza crust with some whole30 compliant toppings, and Daiya mozzerella style shreds (not healthy but are dairy free!)


DIY “Bisquick” for Pancakes & Waffles

Okay, moving onto waffles. My mom bought us a a super nice Cuisinart Double Waffle Iron {link!} as a housewarming present. It’s AWESOME. You start the waffle, flip over, then can do another full waffle. I’ll link to it {here}. Anyways, my husband grew up on Bisquick to make pancakes/waffles/etc. I have tried a few Paleo waffle recipes that I liked but he didn’t. Not only that, but they were time consuming! I don’t feel like beating egg whites to a stiff peak first thing on a weekend morning. Since the DIY pizza crust turned out so well, I decided it was time to find a DIY Bisquick too. After all, again the ingredients were….not good. It was something I turned a blind eye to before but partially hydrogenated soybean oil and dextrose? Yuck! Most of the online “DIY Bisquick” recipes call out using vegetable shortening. NO WAY. That’s not going to happen. If the whole idea of me making something DIY is to make it from real food, then NO WAY was I about to use Crisco! Thankfully I searched “DIY Bisquick Butter” and lots of recipes turned up. I chose this one and it worked really well! I will say that there are several nearly identical recipes and there seems to be a bit of disagreement as to who created the recipe. So just pick one and I’m sure it’ll work well. 

Waffles made with DIY “Bisquick” blueberries, and dairy free chocolate chips. Topped with a little butter and real maple syrup. Tasty sunday morning!

Again, this isn’t meant to be healthy. It’s clearly not Whole30/Paleo, but it is better than buying premade baking mix. After all, with that you are paying for convenience. I promise whipping up a large batch of this does not take long at all, and is much better for you.

Final Words

These aren’t Whole30. These aren’t Paleo. These aren’t even Gluten Free! But what we’ve done is identify two key things that we choose in our Food Freedom and we made them fit even better into our Food Freedom. Now we can enjoy our pizza nights/waffle mornings knowing that they don’t have gross additives or preservatives AND knowing that we spent a fraction of the cost that we used to. So I call that a BIG win.


Alright let me know, what’s something else I need to DIY? What’s your favorite “healthier” DIY in your Food Freedom?!



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