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DIY Maternity Snowman Costume: Easy and Only $15!

I’ve been excited to create a couple of DIY costumes this year (coming soon!) but this made me think about some DIY costumes I’ve done in years past and how GREAT they turned out. The one that got me the most compliments was this DIY maternity snowman costume I made for myself back when I was (very!) pregnant with said toddler. I decided it was easy enough to explain without step-by-step pictures, and I made this years ago and didn’t want to waste materials on a costume I won’t wear. This entire costume cost me $10 and everything was purchased at Walmart, because at that time it was the only store near us! I did already own the scarf and hot glue gun though. Oh, did I mention that this WHOLE costume from start to finish took about 45 minutes to make?! I decided ON HALLOWEEN afternoon that year that I did want to dress up and threw this together. I got compliments all night and was so happy I decided to make a DIY maternity costume.

The only photo I have is a mirror selfie circa an older cell phone, not the best quality but you get the idea 🙂

Items I used for my DIY Maternity Snowman Costume

  • A large long sleeved white t-shirt – I was about 37 weeks pregnant and this wasn’t a maternity shirt, it was just two sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy size. It worked out perfectly! $5
  • Two Squares of Black Felt, One Square of Orange Felt – At Walmart, I was able to find rectangles (approximately 8.5” by 11”) of felt in the craft section for under $0.50 apiece. $1.50


  • Black Headband – Match YOUR hair color. The idea is for it to blend in. My hair is veyr dark, so black worked well. I also made sure it was slightly thicker (about ½”). $2.


  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks – I already owned these, but I recommend low heat glue to avoid burning the fabrics. For me $0 ( if needed $5)
  • A scarf – I  also already owned a scarf so this didn’t factor into my cost. Don’t worry you will definitely still be able to use the scarf again! For me $0 (if needed $2)
  • A pencil or marker – for tracing. I also had one and I’, going to assume you’ve got some sort of writing instrument $0
  • Black Leggings & Boots – I kept things simple and just wore normal black leggings with black boots that I already owned. You could wear any type of pants/shoes, so don’t buy anything specific. The focus is that cute snowman bump 🙂 $0


My Total Spent: $8.50 Total for Everything: ~ $15.50


How To Make the DIY Maternity Snowman Costume


  • Section 1: Test and Trace –first thing, put on your long sleeved tshirt. Because every belly sits a little different, you really won’t know how to place everything until you wear it yourself.


    • Tie the scarf around your bump. You want to make sure it’s where you want it before tracing anything else
    • Plan out the face – I recommend tracing the circles smaller than you plan to make them so that the marks can be covered, and spreading them slightly further apart to account for the circles being a little bigger. I did this while looking in the mirror. It’s key to mark this out while wearing the shirt, because your boobs can make a drastic difference on this. I traced the eyes (2 circles) and smile (approximately 8 circles but whatever looks best on your body), and just left room for the nose because it seemed harder to trace.
    • Trace the buttons – I chose to do three big buttons, starting from the biggest part of my bump, then tracing one evenly above, and one evenly below.
    • Take a few minutes, and maybe get a second opinion (optional – I didn’t)
    • Take off your shirt, and lay the shirt smoothly on the floor (you won’t really need the scarf anymore until you actually wear the costume). It will probably look like the smile and buttons are weirdly far apart, but this is why you tried on the shirt and traced with the bump in place, trust me!
  • Section 2: Trace and cut the shapes needed
    • For the Snowman
      • Eyes & Mouth Small black circles approximately 8  but however many you traced. Again make these slightly bigger (I did roughly 1” diameter)



      • Buttons buttons – 3 larger circles or however many you traced – I did roughly 2” diameter
      • A carrot nose – sized based on how much space you have (note you will have plenty extra if you need to try again!) Mine was about 1” at the largest point and was a long triangle.
    • For the Hat
      • A large ( about 4” diameter) circle for the base of the hat
      • A medium circle (about 2.5”diameter) for the top of the hat
      • ~3” x 8” rectangle of black felt for the “body” of the hat
  • Section 3: Put it Together!
    • Lay all the shapes where traced onto your shirt. It may be helpful to lay your scarf approximately where it would hit, but that’s really only if you need to visualize it.  Heat up your glue gun (on low if it has heat settings)
    • Glue down each shape individually, using glue in the center and on the edges to make the look smooth and ensure they stay put

Note:  If you are nervous about how it’ll look, use one TINY drop for each shape. Then try on the whole shirt (WITH the scarf tied around). If you like the placement, carefully take it off and finish gluing. This allows you to move the shapes if needed. Doing this  will take more time, but if you are a perfectionist I completely understand.

Making the Hat

I apologize for not having pictures of this part! Remember I made this two years ago. Please comment (or DM me on Instagram) if you have questions or something isn’t clear and I’ll get back to you right away.

    • Take the larger circle and cut two slits that are approximately the width of the headband (start small, you can always cut more, but you can’t take it away).
    • Slide the circle onto the headband so the circle is on the top of the headband (aka above your head)
    • Try on the headband and arrange where you want the hat to sit. I think it’s cute to have the hat tilted to a side but it’s completely up to you. Once you have it placed, carefully remove the headband from your head
    • Use hot glue to firmly attach the base circle to your headband. Allow to completely dry (about 10 minutes)
    • Take the rectangle and create a cylinder. You will want this to sit about ½” inside the large circle. You want extra felt on one side to glue the cylinder together. If you think the hat looks too tall, cut down that edge to the desired height.
    • Glue the cylinder together (you may want to firmly hold this for a few minutes so the bond is strong
    • Place a ring of glue on the bottom side of the cylinder. Arrange for the seam you made to be facing the back so people don’t see it, then glue the cylinder to the base. Hold firmly in place for a few minutes.
    • Check the sizing for the “top” of the hat. If needed, cut it to size (it does not have to be perfect). Then , glue onto the top of the cylinder. Allows to dry completely.
  • Ready to Go!

Once everything is completely dry, try on the look! Put on the shirt, tie on the scarf, and put on the headband/hat. Again, any pants work, but I personally recommend black to let the look stand out.  I got compliments from so many people, including so many kind strangers this Halloween. My husband was out of town, but if you wanted to do a couples costume, you man could dress as Santa, and Elf, or a Reindeer pretty easily!


I hope you enjoyed this DIY Maternity Snowman Costume! Let me know if you did this or something similar. Comment below with any questions or thoughts! Happy DIY costume season:) You can look forward to more of these posts!



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