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DIY Fall Centerpiece (Under $20!)

I’ve been telling myself I won’t buy decorations until we move next week, but still somehow found myself and the toddler walking though Michael’s earlier today. There were so many cute (and expensive) centerpieces and wreaths for sale. Even with the 50-60% off that craft stores always have going on, the cost seemed crazy! My almost-two-year-old got excited and pointed out all the “flowers!” when I decided to take a closer look. Within a few minutes I had an idea for a centerpiece that would be relatively affordable, last forever, and have the exact types of flowers I wanted. Plus, I told myslf this was a craft activity for Riley and I, which we don’t do enough, so that’s how I justified it. But now with this sitting on my table, I am SO happy and decided that what we did was worth sharing:) In fact, thanks to those “sale” prices, my DIY Fall Centerpiece total came to $18.63! So this isn’t a dirt cheap centerpiece, but comparable premade centerpieces in the same store were listed for $79.99 (even with the 50% off, they were about $40!) so the cost seemed very much worth it.

DIY Fall Centerpiece

What I bought to make my DIY Fall Centerpiece (receipt below)

  • Small Basket- notemy original plan was to get a fake pumpkin and make that the base, but I’ve seen those everywhere and wanted mine to be a bit unique and slightly more “real” looking
  • Silk flowers in fall colors – I went for two larger bunches and three smaller ones
  • Floral foam – wet is easier to work with in my opinion

What I had at home:

  • rocks! I ended up needing these to stabilize the arrangement.
  • optional: hot glue gun and glue. this was my original plan to stabilize the arrangement but it ended up being a little off center and the glue wouldn’t hold. It might work better for you though.

DIY Fall Centerpiece Instructions

Step 1: In the store when you are planning to buy the silk floral pieces, make sure to test arrange them and hold in a bouquet. Some of you probably think that’s obvious, but not everyone knows this and it’s key!

holding the arrangement to test it out, looks good!

Step 2: once you have the arrangement planned out, begin inserting each stem individually into the floral foam. You my want to test out the height of the stems vs your basket. I had to trim a couple of the stems. Make sure to push them far enough into the floral foam that the pieces don’t move at all.

the foam should have everything secure enough to let go and stand alone

Step 3: Place into basket and stabilize. At first, I tried a hot glue gun, but the arrangement wouldn’t stay in the spot I wanted. So the toddler and I trotted out to the yard and grabbed some small/medium rocks and put them into the container to keep it in place. The nice thing about this is that it gave the arrangement a weight and it feels very sturdy.

That’s all! Honestly, this would take about 10 minutes, but I had to chase after a toddler and fight with a glue gun (you shouldn’t have to. you’re welcome) so it took me about 20. But it was still a fun craft and I’m in love with the results! My table looks so festive and it will last for years to come. What’s your favorite DIY you’ve created? Because this DIY Fall Centerpiece is definitely my personal favorite!




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