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Creamy Vegetable Soup – Blended Soup – Cheddar Veggie Soup

Creamy Vegetable Soup - Blended Soup - Cheddar Veggie Soup

Copy of Creamy Vegetable Soup Broken Wired Shut Jaw Series
image from Peloton website on 12/11/19

A delicious, perfectly creamy hearty vegetable soup! Another “broken jaw” series soup, this is perfectly pureed and full of flavor.


Serves Two —Don’t have an ingredient? Click the link to shop! See recipe notes for substitutions. 

Kitchen Tools

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Recipe Steps

Step 1:Roughly chop onions and asparagus (and carrots if you don’t already have matchstick or carrot chips).

Step 2: Saute vegetables, spinach, and minced garlic in a tsp of olive oil.

Step 3: Add in a few tablespoons of chicken broth, cover, and simmer over medium heat for about 30 mins, until vegetables are soft.

Step 4: Pour broccoli cheddar soup, milk, cheese (cubed) and remaining chicken broth into pot

Step 5: Season with fresh cracked pepper and oregano

Step 6: Cover and simmer on medium low for at least 30 mins. .Step 7: Blend with an immersion stick blender or by putting batches into a regular blender

Step 8: Strain using a fine mesh strainer, serve immediately

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Notes & Substitutions

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Creamy Vegetable Soup Broken Wired Shut Jaw Series

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