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Climate Change and Social Media: A Rant

Disclaimer: this is a rant, not a scientific journal. Take my opinions for what they are…opinions.

About a month ago, the Paris Agreement was a huge deal. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the world of social media has an influx of environmentalists like I’ve never seen before. Everyone  was suddenly so upset that our country didn’t sign some contract about environmental agreement to combat climate change that the rest of the world agreed to. And where are we a month later? Where is the caring now? Honestly….this has really pissed me off.


Should the US have signed this agreement? Arguably, yes. But why did all of this caring come out of nowhere? And (this is the part that makes me upset),why did this caring about climate change fall away not long after? Why am I not hearing about how people are helping out the environment on their own? Some companies did the whole “still with Paris” thing arguably for PR but I’ll take it with a pure intention….but what about all of the people? I’ve seen the instagram hashtag, but only a little after it circulated the first time.


It’s basically been a ghost town on my Facebook about anything environmental and/or climate change for the past few weeks. No one has mentioned changes made or any more “outrage.” We need to have some personal accountability. Guess what? The money you spend (and don’t spend) talks more than a shared meme on Facebook or Instagram. Why don’t we all try to make some small changes? If everyone did something small, the environmental impact would be HUGE. In fact, here is the most basic list I could possibly give you.


  • Buy LESS – We live in a consumer culture. Those businesses that are “Still with Paris” still want you to buy from them. And the more you buy when you don’t need something, the more waste you are producing. Which is BAD for our environment.
  • Refill Your Beverages – Find a tumbler and a thermos and USE THEM. Bring it into the coffee shop with you too!
  • BYOBBring your own bags to the grocery store. Ideally ones not made of plastic.
  • Buy Secondhand – it’s the most sustainable way to shop (and it’s cheaper!)
  • Buy in Bulk – not always financially feasible, but if you can buy in bulk. Less packaging overall, and lower in cost to you!


Trust me, there are so many small changes that can be made. Just look into the Zero Waste lifestyle. I’m not saying everyone should have a year’s worth of waste in only a mason jar….but I AM saying that everyone making small changes would make a massive difference. And guess what? You can be ANYONE and make a positive change. Quit being a Facebook hero, and start making a difference.


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