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Cleaning Products Worth the (Extra) Money

I love saving money, and love a good deal. There are many areas where a budget can be easily slashed, and household cleaning products are one usually of them. You want the most basic cleaning product that works for everything? Water and vinegar. THAT SAID, I have found a few key items that have performed so well that I don’t mind spending more for them. These are cleaning products worth a little extra cash. With the purchase of our home a few months ago, I started looking way more into products beyond my beloved water + vinegar. These products are worth every penny. Also…

there are no affiliate links and I have no brand relation. They speak for themselves.

  • Method Wood For Good Daily Cleaner

    This is the cleaning product that sparked this idea of “cleaning products worth extra money” for me. Our home has a kitchen full of beautiful oak cabinets that are in excellent condition. I knew when we moved in that we would want to clean down everything as we put away our belongings. Being pregnant, I wanted the cleaning product I used to be less harsh but still effective and meant for wood. Honestly, I cringed so hard because this cost was nearly double the other wood cleaners I saw. My thought process was, “we’re moving in so I’ll buy one bottle then decide after.” Let me tell you, within the first use I swore I wouldn’t ever use anything else. This smells amazing. I wish this scent was a body spray it’s that good. The scent is almond and it’s lovely. In fact, as my in-laws helped us move and people stopped by to see the empty house, I would make everyone smell this cleaner. Yes, it’s THAT good. Needless to say, I don’t plan to ever buy another wood cleaner.

  • Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner

    Again, being pregnant I wanted something safer for me to use without having to worry about fumes. I was worried about our floors so I wanted a cleaner other than vinegar. Price wise, this isn’t actually bad because of how concentrated it is. I only use a tablespoon of the concentrate to fill my mop (Rubbermaid Reveal) up. It’s diluted with water. Also, the scent I use is basil and I love how unique and fresh it smells. The floors get clean, I know it’s safe, and the smell is fresh. No complaints and I plan to use it from here forward.

  • Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Pacs

    We didn’t have a dishwasher prior to purchasing our home, so this was new territory for us. I began with a generic brand tab and our dishes just weren’t getting clean. So I switched to Finish, and those worked a bit better. Except, our house has well water. Beyond this, our area has extremely hard water. Our dishes were coming out looking almost as bad as when they went in, even though they were “clean.” People suggested getting a rinse aid, but I decided to try one last thing before that. I caught these on sale at Sam’s Club. Even on sale, these still cost more than other brands. The ratings were very high and my thought was that it would offset the cost of buying rinse aid. And WOW. I’ve been blown away since using these. Our dishes are literally sparkling. Literally. This is now the fourth type of dishwasher soap I’ve tried and the ONLY one that works with our hard well water. So I’m going to continue to purchase, and the next time I see them on sale at Sam’s, I’ll be stocking up!

  • Method Daily Shower Cleaner

Again, hard well water has its negatives. Our shower was looking gross, even with regular cleaning. This brought me back to college days. I lived in a house with six people and ONE shower. We used a “daily shower spray” and amazingly, it really did keep our shower quite clean. There was hard water in that house too, so that’s where the idea came from. At this point I had loved the “Wood for Good” I mentioned earlier, so I decided to get another Method product because I didn’t want to inhale anything yucky after every shower. The scent Eucalyptus Mint sounded nice so I purchased. It cleans well and helps out the hard water problems. The best part though? It makes our bathroom smell like a spa.

While I feel like most of these were “scent based” reasons, it was mostly the combo of being safe, environmentally concious, and effective products. I still love saving money, but these items are cleaning products worth the extra dollars. Do YOU have a brand name item that is worth the cost? It doesn’t have to be specific to cleaning products. I’m always curious what makes people stay loyal to a particular brand.


the (cleaning) products I think are worth a few extra bucks

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