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Budget Friendly Photo Tile Wall – Photo Tiles Instead of Canvas – Hanging a Photo Tile Wall – How to Hang a Photo Tile Wall

Photo Tile Wall: Budget Friendly Photo Tiles with Tips

My Photo Tiles

Here to get a deal on a photo tile wall? Get tips on ordering and installing photo tiles? You’re in the right place!

We’re in the middle of renovating this home, but I realized we have no wall decor up. And more than that….we didn’t have family photos either! So I decided to do a photo wall, but in a grid of photo tiles. I wasn’t originally going to get photo tiles because they seemed to expensive. I decided to get prints for the frames I had instead. Except, when I went to purchase those prints, the prints cost only $0.10 than the photo tiles! I immediately clicked away to get what I actually wanted, and this also meant the frames could be reserved for other pretty decor like pressed flowers or our kiddos artwork. Win-win!

Note: I paid for these 100% myself. Because I loved them so much, I am now a Snapfish affiliate! So if you purchase,  I get a small % of commission. This costs you nothing and keeps this website running. I sincerely appreciate each click! -Rachel

Part One: Tips for Ordering Snapfish Photo Tiles

Plan Your Space/Layout

Each snapfish photo tile is 8″x8″ so be sure to estimate based on this. Then decide how you want to lay these out. We opted for an even rectangular grid. It runs 3×4 tiles. I wanted space between (though more on that in the installation portion!), so I knew it would take up more space than simply the tiles themselves. 

Other options would be 3×3 (kind of like an Instagram feed!), a smaller 2×2 square, 3×1 next to a door would be great. Whatever your space, grab a friend or family member and a tape measurer, then hold it up and take a step back. Do the measurements look proportional to the wall space? Work from there until you decide. Once you decide this, then you know how many photo tiles you’ll need to order. 

The space itself was naturally a rectangle wall space, so we decided to match that by doing a rectangle photo tile wall gallery
LOVE how ours turned out!

Apply a Filter to Every Photo for a Cohesive Look

By using a filter, you create one cohesive look for your photo tile wall. I opted to go with black & white because some of these photos had really bright colors, and I didn’t want them to stand out compared to the others. This way, you want to look at everything, and it all flows well together. In Snapfish, click “edit” then “apply a filter” then select what you want. These were “Black & White.”

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Find pictures through the Snapfish Feature

Snapfish allows you to get pictures through Facebook, Instagram, your computer, Google photos, or even straight off your phone! Download the app to get images off your phone. It’s easy!

Built in feature in Snapfish that makes getting pictures easy

Use Cell Photo Pictures, but Not Screenshots!

Cell phone pictures aren’t only okay, they’re encouraged! In fact, only two of our twelve photos were taken on a DSLR. What you DON’T want to use are screenshots. Those have a much lower file quality. Instagram doesn’t have an easy download option, so be sure to get the actual photo files.

If the Site says "Low Resolution Warning" Don't use that photo

The website is really smart, and will tell you if the image could appear blurry.Make sure you uploaded the actual image and not a screenshot of the image, or if the file was compressed (to save storage etc). 

Triple Check Your Order

Maybe even quadruple check. You don’t want to end up with duplicates, or short a photo, forget a filter, or keep one that’s going to be blurry. And of course, you want it to arrive at your house and not your old apartment. 

Check for Discounts!

Snapfish regularly has deals and I was able to get these for $3.99 each! I did have to pay a bit for shipping (I think they overcharge to build it into the competitive pricing. Not my favorite marketing.) but ultimately decided it was fine. $22 for 2 felt like a lot but I priced out other options (including Sam’s Club) and this still was the best!

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