ASMR Real Typing: Something Very Different

This is something very, very different for this website. I wanted to talk a little about ASMR, and a little experiment I decided to try. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridan Response. Basically, you hear a sound and it give you “tingles” or relaxes you. Here’s a link with WAY more information. For me personally, ASMR got me through college. It’s a little taboo still, but I listen to ASMR videos every single night to fall asleep. Literally, every.single.night. I cannot easily go to sleep without headphones anymore. At one point, this was a big annoyance for my husband, who felt ignored because I had to put in the headphones. It didn’t take long for him to notice the negative effects when I stopped. My quality of sleep was lower, and I was so much more anxious.

Anyways, where does this lead me? Well, I’ve listened to ASMR for literally 7 years. I even uploaded a couple of quick videos in the past. They got a few hundred views, but then I took them down because I didn’t have “nice enough” audio equipment. Funny enough, there are amany people who feel ASMR from the white noise things like air conditioning that drive others crazy. While I work I listen to ASMR also, but only non-talking ASMR videos. One of my favorite ASMR triggers is keyboard typing. Interesting it is one of the very few “non bianural” ASMR triggers that gives me the same feeling. It was a few days ago that I realized I wanted to record my own typing. Why? Well, I had a 10 page paper due that I hadn’t started. There would be plenty of typing. I also type up a decent amount of content for this site (99% of which I don’t end up posting. I really need to get better about that). I’m not sure how long I will keep this up on Youtube. After all, now that the monetization is much more strict, it’s not like I could make any $$ even with a viral video. You now are required to have a set # of views AND subscribers to be able to monetize any content. So now it is very difficult for anyone to begin monetizing quickly. Which is the point, but still frustrating. For those reasons though, my “videos” which are really audio and an image of my ceiling will be completely unedited and will not be bianural. Why? Because frankly, it isn’t worth my time right now to worry about editing or the “perfect” sound quality. I was beyond suprised with how great the sound was off of my Samsung Galaxy S8. I recorded my first video (click here to give it a listen – I’d really love that!) and listened to it fully before uploading. My phone was simply placed about an inch in front of the keyboard. It was impressive how clear the sound was.

Of course, this type of recording will not always be possible. After all, I’ve got a toddler, a puppy, and a husband who is quite loud when he walks. But for now, I will try to remember to record if I’m ever down in my office. I hope if you enjoy ASMR videos that you will get some enjoyment from my channel: RealTypingASMR. I anticipate all videos will be computer related so I can record them in real-time and upload quickly.


Do any of you listen to ASMR? Do you keep it to yourself, or do you talk to others about it?

Click here to go to my RealTypingASMR Youtube. New content when I’ve got a paper due 😉

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