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How to Always Eat Frittatas Without Getting Bored

One of the staples in my life is a frittata. My go-to breakfast. Whole30 compliant. A meal that will keep me full and alert all day. My tried and true way to use up any produce that is just on the verge of going bad. The meal prep that is the easiest. But I’ve had people ask me,


“How can you eat the same thing every morning for a whole week? Or for months?”


Here’s how:

To clarify, every week we make a different “flavor” of frittata that, as mentioned above, is using up leftover produce or uneaten meats. So the flavors are totally different every week. The texture and general idea so remain the same though.So how do I eat the same breakfast Monday-Friday? These ways:

  1. Eat is “as is” at least one day. It doesn’t have to be eaten alone, but don’t doctor it up. I prefer to do this on Monday because it helps benchmark if I think specific flavors are missing (like heat or if I didn’t add enough pepper etc.
  2. A bed of greens: not only does eating frittata on a bed of greens (your choice – mix those up too!)  this add in more veggies into my day, but it completely changes up the texture of the meal! The taste changes a bit, but to me the texture being different is huge.
  3. Sauce it up! – Guacamole, homemade chipotle lime ranch, Franks Red Hot are all different ways I like to REALLY change up the flavor of the dish. Use whatever sauce you choose; use a little or use a lot. You can’t go wrong!
  4. Sides – the frittata might remain the same, but I can change up anything else I eat with it! Today, I had a big handful of grape tomatoes. Other days it’s baby carrots. Some pistachios, you get the picture. Your breakfast can be just the frittata (add a fat source, maybe by making bulletproof coffee), but it certainly doesn’t need to be.
  5. Scramble it up! – if you’ve got some roasted potatoes or other veggies prepped, break up the frittata pieces into small chunks and mix in those potatoes (and/or any other veggies). Maybe throw in a few greens for good measure. By the time you’ve done this, you’ll have a completely restructured dish. Magical.
  6. Eat it for lunch instead – I take both my breakfast and lunch to work. One morning, I just It wasn’t going to happen. So I ate my lunch instead. Then, when noon rolled around, the dish I wanted nothing to do with earlier looked awesome. Sometimes you just need a slight change to the schedule of your day to make things a bit more exciting.


Let me know if you have any other tips to break up frittata monotony. I’m always interested in more tips myself =)

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