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5 Books to Read if You Loved Girl Wash Your Face

If you’ve read the book “Girl Wash Your Face,” then you know that it brings about a rush of motivation to do something. Rachel Hollis has a way of tapping into the emotions of her readers, and it was that skill that had me both laughing and in tears at various parts of the book. But I found myself unbelievably hungry after finishing Girl Wash Your Face. Not physically hungry, but hungry for more motivation. I was suddenly inspired to do all of the things, and I was busy. But I needed more to keep that fire alive, And I found it! Through more books, and podcasts, and basically anything I could get my hands, eyes, or ears on. So now, I’m here to share with YOU some books to read if you loved Girl Wash Your Face as much as I did and need more.  Also, these books are best enjoyed in the quiet early morning (while everyone else is still asleep) with a good cup of coffee.

Some of these book recommendations will be based upon if you had a specific *thing* that stuck out to you by reading GWYF. I’m also going to do my best to clarify if that is the case. Now, let’s keep you fired up about life and working towards tangible things to make your life even better.


Update: hey friends! Not only is Rachel Hollis’ new book availble to order for presale, but the price is GREAT right now (on 9/24/18). It’s down to $17.67 from $27.99! Get that deal here.  It’s DEFINITELY going on my to-read list 🙂


5 Books to Read if You Loved Girl Wash Your Face

  1. Business Boutique by Christy Wright – Was your *thing* to start a business? Or maybe dabble in your hobby that could make you money? To try selling something you already do/make? Then you really need to read this book. I’ve had the pleasure of reading this book, and attending a 1-day conference by Christy. So my copy is actually signed now! This book walks you through the key pieces of putting together your business (and doing a check if you already have a business). It’s great if you are thinking about it and conceptualizing. It’s also a book I recommend buying because you WILL want to highlight and take notes in the margins. In fact, as I read through Business Boutique, I had to get out extra notebooks (yes, plural because I kept losing my original) to write down all of the thoughts coming into my brain.
  2. A Simplified Life by Emily Ley – This one is for the Mamas. Actually, this book is pretty great for anyone, but as a mom it really has been helping me. The cover says,  “tactical tools for intentional living.” and I think she’s done a fantastic job of bringing readers that. Emily gives stories and ideas related to simplifying belongings, meals, parenting, and yourself. She will remind you that you are also a priority, and help you to find and enjoy “the good stuff” in your own life. Early on, Emily states, “a simplified life means that what has to get done will get done.” So Emily makes sure that reality also matters. This isn’t a book telling you to quit your job, move to Fiji and just spend your days on a beach. This is a book that helps you make changes that improve the life you have and help you and your family to run smoothly. And A Simplified Life has made a BIG impact on my life and my family since reading it! (quick note, I actually bought this on Target’s website here, but it’s now cheaper here on Amazon)
  3. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon – I *believe* this was mentioned on Rachel Hollis’ podcast back when it was DAIS (just this week she announced that it’s now the RISE Podcast. Pretty neat!). I don’t remember what episode, but I wrote it down from something I was listening to. If you are a creative person, you need this book. Maybe that means you are a writer, or a painter, or have a hobby. Maybe it’s a different kind of creativity. But if you are creative (and isn’t everyone in some capacity?) then you NEED to read this book. I borrowed this one from my library, but I’m definitely considering purchasing Steal Like an Artist. Why? Because as soon as I finished it, I started reading it again. I have never done that before. Steal Like an Artist might sound like a strange title, but Austin works to explain that a lot of work is redone or restated, and how you can own that and put your personal twist onto things. He gives so many suggestions of things to do in your life. I now have an “analog desk” and it’s my favorite space. Steal Like an Artist is fantastically helpful, and I think that’s why I started reading it again immediately.
  4. Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig – If the chapters, “I am defined by my weight” or “I need a drink” spoke out to you, this is an important read for you. Now if you’re familiar with me, you know that I typically eat Paleo or Whole30. But the reason I’m not recommending the Whole30 book right now is because Food Freedom Forever taps into the emotional side of eating. Food Freedom Forever walks you through creating and sustaining a healthy and balanced diet for life. I’ll be honest and say that Whole30 was awesome for me, and I did mine before Food Freedom Forever existed. But this book taps into so much more emotional context than the Whole30 book does. I would recommend to anyone who is trying to have a healthier relationship with food. For me, it was actually making sure to eat enough too. That’s right, I’d also highly recommend this to those with an eating disorder background (if you are seeing a physician or therapist though, please consult them first as this book could either be extremely helpful or a potential trigger). The reason I mention the “I need a drink” portion is that the book walks through giving up alcohol for 30+ days as a part of the program. Melissa Hartwig herself is also a recovering drug addict (clean 18 years now), so she writes from a place of genuine empathy. So i fyou have concerns, this may help you shift away from alcohol as well.
  5.  100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs – While this book is a devotional, I recommend it to anyone, spiritual or not. If you aren’t spiritual, think of it as 100 challenges, and motivational meditation. If you are a spiritual person, as I am, then allow her words and God’s to speak to you as you read this. Allow yourself to be brave. This is the type of book that will really tap into different areas for everyone. One of the days out of the 100 Days to Brave might speak to you the most. Also a little tidbit was that I also got to see Annie F. Downs at Christy Wright’s 1 Day conference! I hadn’t heard of her before (sorry girl), but I’m so glad I was introduced to her and this book then. I’ve got more Annie F. Downs books on my “to-read” list now!

Want another post on Podcasts? Or more books suggestions? Let me know in the comments 🙂 I’m always reading nowadays and would love to recommend more!

Bonus! (Update #2 on 9/24/18)

This post became really popular, so I decided to make an entire board dedicated to books on personal growth, motivation, self-love, self-care, personal development, business development….basically all of the things. If I hear a recommendation from someone I admire doing awesome things, it’s going in here. You can follow the board here . Actually, just click below right now to follow the board. No really, click the button! What are you waiting for?!

Help, Please!

Now here is where I need your help, If you have a recommendation for books for anyone going through adoption or foster parenting struggles, could you leave that in the comments? I personally am not reading books on those things so I can’t recommend them. But I really want this to be a helpful post for people to read. So if you loved Girl Wash Your Face and have a book that helped you with adoption or foster parenting, please leave the title and author below!

Happy Reading!


Books to read if you loved girl wash your face suggestions and tips for motivation
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