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35+ Boujee Last Minute Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas

As of typing these stores say the items will arrive before Christmas, but if you are after 12/15/2020 the store may have new policies. Click each picture for details. This list will include small stocking stuffers, Under $25 presents all the way through luxury. Something for everyone who’s boujee at any budget.

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Last Minute Boujee Gifts $25 to $50

Last Minute Boujee Gifts $100 to $250


Last Minute Boujee Gifts $250+

Last Minute Boujee Gifts $50 to $100

This gift guide is intended to help you find a beautiful, high quality gift for someone you love. Even if that’s you. A couple of highlights:

Tips for Last Minute Online Gift Shopping.

Always give a gift receipt.

Always give a gift receipt should be a mantra of sorts. You give a gift receipt because that ensures your gift receiver will actually get a wanted and useable gift. Especially if the person is gifted multiples of a gift and then has no easy way of dealing with the “extra.”

This Kate Spade Nylon Tote bag immediately became my go-to bag. As a mom of two little ones, there is plenty of room for a few diapers/wipes, my trifold Kate Spade cornflower blue wallet, snacks, galaxy buds live, phone, and anything that comes my way.

Gift for THEM Not for YOU

Is a gift really a gift if there are expectations behind it? Do you expect if you give someone a scarf that they will always wear it every time they are in your presence? That’s a lot of pressure to add onto the gift receiver. In this example, a scarf isn’t a big deal. But that expectation set means that every gift ever received deserves similar attention. Of course there is a scale based on the item and/or person. How will this fit into their life? Not yours.

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