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Week 2 First Marathon Training: Gamechangers, Rowing Day, and Podcasts While Running

Week 2: Hydration Belts, Chafing, and Podcasts While Runnning? Recovery Ideas 26x26 Marathon Training

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Podcasts While Running?

 Several runners I follow, or running blog posts I’ve read have mentioned listening to podcasts on their runs. I thought this was insane. Don’t you need something with a high BPM to go a fast pace? Doesn’t the bass fuel you while running? So many questions in my mind, and it never made sense.

Until this week.

On one of my runs with the kids, I decided to go for a Podcast because I wanted to switch things up. I listened to an episode of TRAINED by Nike. It’s a podcast I enjoy and is inherently motivating because the discussions are around improving fitness. And it was awesome! The interview style cadence kept me interested in the conversation, and going at a moderate pace. I’m already slower when pushing the kids in our double Bob. Other bonuses were that it was easy to hear my three year old through my wireless headphones, and the episodes are a good length of time where a lot of distance has passed by the time you finish an episode. 

This REALLY came in handy on long run day!

Long Run and New Hydration Belt

Yesterday, I got in my full long run of 12 miles, followed by a 0.44 mile walk home. The weather was perfect. I left at about 60 degrees (F) and returned to 70. It was sunny but early enough that the sun wasn’t beating down. I’m super grateful that this marathon training is in late summer/fall, because I’m a baby in the heat. These temps are my favorite.

As I mentioned, the podcasts were a gamechanger, and it was excellent on long run day. I listened to several episodes of TRAINED by Nike, and at least two of Do The Thing by Melissa Hartwig Urban (Co-Founder of Whole30). 

Another total gamechanger with this long run was a different hydration belt. I was packing up my old belt from 2010, and struggling to find a water bottle that would fit well. My husband asked, “do you want to borrow mine?” and it took me a half-second before responding, “YEP!”

My husband Travis is a mountain biker and earlier this summer he *insisted* on getting a new hydration belt. I was annoyed but you know, marriage. But after yesterday I’m SO glad he got it. His hydration belt is the DAKINE Hot Laps 5L Pack. This option has a 2L hydration bladder and 3L of room for other items. I was able to take my inhaler and grapes with me with plenty of additional space. While this pack is made with mountain bikers in mind, I think it’s an option runners should seriously consider. The most helpful feature of the Hot Laps 5L was the magnetic holder for the mouthpiece. Getting a drink of water was as simple as reaching down, grabbing the hose, taking a drink, and reaching in the general area of the magnet. It was easy to do without losing stride. And the full 2L bladder came in handy for the final 3.5 miles that I had my dog with me. There was enough water for me to squirt it into my hand for him too. The bottom has room to strap on a raincoat/shell. Bottom line, I’m going to keep borrowing this belt from my husband for any long run. 

Chafing As a Mid-Sized Runner

In my previous runner life, I didn’t deal with chafing. Considering I was 35ish lbs lighter, this does make sense. There wasn’t much skin friction there. Fast forward to this week, and what used to be my favorite style of running shorts are now chafing hell. You know the ever-popular Norts (nike shorts)?? Yea those chafe bad with my thighs now, lol.

My fix? More deodorant, longer shorts.

For my underarms, I use extra deodorant slightly beyond my normal armpit area. Deodorant is a pretty common chafing solution, and in the underarm area it already makes sense. This was worked well. Another technique is I don’t wear front-close sports bras anymore. Something about the construction of these causes additional chafing.

Longer shorts/bottoms. Instead of “running shorts” think, “soccer shorts” length. In fact, I wore soccer shorts several time. These have a long inseam and hit mid thigh, which offers chafing coverage. Another option is crop leggings, regular leggings etc. These options will become more common for me as the weather cools. 

The "Anything that Could Go Wrong" Day

One day this week was an “anything that could go wrong, did” day. My 3 year old was fighting me like crazy to get out the door. I showed up to our gym, where I planned to do 90 minutes of treadmill running while they were in gym daycare. We were 15 minutes late (thanks kiddo) and the gym gave away my time slot. This is a totally different policy than our old gym, and I was NOT happy after the 40minute drive to get there. I didn’t make a big deal though, because we did break their policy. I just didn’t know it. Oops. The supervisor did manage to get me in almost 40 minutes later, so I had a total of 45 minutes available. Then I got up to the treadmill, and started running. After about three strides, I stopped. NOPE.

You see, the night before I found a sports bra on clearance at Target. It was my bra size (36DD currently) and “maximum support.” Can confirm after those three strides that this bra was NOT maximum support and there was a reason it was on clearance. It was light/medium at best. So at this point, I’ve got about 40 minutes left, and can’t run. I frustratedly walked over to the rowing machine and plopped down. Then, I cranked out a 5K row. As I started, I was annoyed and not moving, but some good music and the realization that I could make this a good cross-train was a nice pick-me-up. My training schedule had that day as an optional cross-train day anyways, so it worked out well! 

Related: My favorite sports bras WERE the Incredible by Victoria’s Secret, but the newer versions are NOT AS GOOD. The Incredible lightweight does well enough, but the straps slip and it is slightly less support. The Front Close option causes major chafing in my underarms, whereas the normal ones didn’t. 

Recovery Ideas (from Experts)

On one of my podcasts included some great recovery ideas. One of the episodes of TRAINED by Nike discussed then in detail, but the ideas included to do an ice bath, or even a simple cold shower if that’s too intense. Another option was to do epsom salt baths, which ironically I mentioned in last weeks update. So yes, epsom salt baths are good, just be sure to stay hydrated. Another idea was the use of compression socks. Another huge theme was SLEEP. It was interesting to hear several perspectives of sleep, but the common themes were, make sleep a priority, as it is a huge component of recovery. Create a good sleep space, and don’t use blue light before bed. I don’t remember the exact episodes, but each of these ideas came from experts hosted on the Nike TRAINED podcast. 

Last Week's Goal Update and This Week's Goal

My goals of hydration and running were definintely met! I drank 80-100oz per day, depending on how much I was running that day. And running was a clear priority this week. I believe if training continues like this, I’ll be in a great place for my first marathon. 

This weeks goal is to Food Journal in a different way. I know this sounds like a broken record, but additional advice from a podcast (again, Trained, by Nike) was to journal food, but not actually mention the food. Yes, you read that correctly. The idea was the mindfulness of our eating patterns. Instead of writing what you ate, write how you felt while eating. So if you’re mindlessly eating, you’d have to write that down. If you’re eating intentional and slow (which is the goal), then you write that down. I really like this approach because it doesn’t demean what you eat. The idea is about behavior shift. 

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