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2020 Makeup: $20 or Less Makeup Routine for Young Moms

2020 Makeup: Under 20 Items, All Under $20 -Simple Makeup for Young Moms

Let’s be real, you probably already get your makeup info from some beauty influencer in full glam. Or maybe a crunchy mama who makes her own makeup. I’m neither of those. I love makeup, but I need it to be fast, easy, effective, and cheap. So that’s what this is. It’s 2020, and you want a makeup routine where each item is under $20? Actually only 4 items are above $10….well I’m your mom. Very quick background: I’m 26 years old, mom of 2 toddlers, and have combo-oily skin that is very sensitive. This is an ENTIRE makeup routine with brushes, under 20 products total, each under $20. Now let’s go! 

note: these are the real things we did to prep our home. This post contains affiliate links, which cost you nothing but keep the website running. I sincerely appreciate each click. See Website Disclaimer for more about Budgets & Kale affiliate links.

TL;DR: Here's the Makeup Lineup I use

Application and explanation will be featured below for each product, but here is the list. Each item is clickable so you can search and buy online if you wish.

Note: Most of these are available online at Walmart and qualify for free shipping with $35 order. Also, if you want a free Grocery Pickup $10 off (first order only), click here! You can easily add makeup to a Grocery Pickup order.

Warning: Walmart affiliate links have been weird, if you get an error, click the “Try Again” button and it will lead you to the right page.

Fast & Easy

Added Extras for Long Wear or Minimal Glam Makeup


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Face Products

To prep my face I do my normal skincare routine. The key for me is to use this $13 moisturizer that leaves my skin slightly tacky. It acts as a great primer. My eye cream also leaves my under-eye area smooth and ready for concealer.

Then I conceal my face. I use this concealer under my eyes, on red areas (around nose and mouth typically), and on any acne. If I’ve got any bad acne, I’ll use this clear acne spot treatment underneath before applying the concealer.

Next, I apply the powder as a foundation. I use my brush and press in the foundation into any areas when I applied concealer. This sets the concealer and gives a little additional coverage. Finally, I buff in the powder into the rest of my face, blend into my ears and neck. It’s super fast and doesn’t need to be precise.

image via Pacifica
image via Walmart
image via Walmart


Contour and blush are next. Which leads me to my explanation of why I’ve listed two contour palettes. I use the LORAC PRO palette on a daily basis. This palette retails for $45, however I paid $2.50. Nope, that’s not a typo. I’ve outlined how I did this in my post, How I Get the Best Deals at Ulta. But for a good budget option, the ELF contour paleete is great. In fact, the only reason I ventured away from it is that my previos palette got shattered by my now-4-yr-old.

Next up, I add blush to my cheekbones. I used to not like blush but it seems like ever since having kiddos, blush seems to make me look more alive and fresh. The blush $13 pallete I use is awesome for every season. If you’re more interested in a single blush, this was my old fave but it got shattered too badly to re-press.

I literally just smile and apply with the same blush that I applied contour with.

image via Walmart
image via Walgreens

Optional Steps: 

For optional and longwear makeup, I typically enhance my eyes and make things last.

First, I will use the cream eyeshadow as an eyeshadow base. Then I add the middle shade of my eyeshadow trio to the inner 2/3 of my eye. Then I’ll take my angled crease brush and apply that into the crease. Last, I’ll take the blending brush and blend out the edges with a top shade. 

Next is highlighting, so I will take a bit of the brightest shade of my contour palette and apply it on the highest point of my cheekbones, under my eyebrows, and inner corners. For this I just use a clean finger.

Last on my eyes here would be a thin line of liquid liner.

Then I’ll spray 4-5 sprays of my setting spray if I need the makeup to last. I’ll spray it about a foot from my face and wait until it completely dries before finishing my look.

image via Walmart
image via Walmart
image via Walgreens

If I’m doing a simple day, I’d add in eyebrow gel. It’s super fast, but I thought it look a long time when I first began. Now though, it takes me 15 seconds and my brows look great. If I want more precision, I’ll use this eyebrow pencil and carefully fill them in. I’m not even sure how to describe this process, but less is more. You can easily add more, but at this point it’s a pain to take it off.

And finally is mascara. I love my mascara so much, it’s been my consistent one since 2015. The only times I ventured away (L’Oreal Lash paradise, looking at you….and you suck), I was severely disappointed. So now I hope Maybelline NEVER discontinues this one. 


image via Walmart
image via Walgreens

My very last two things are lip items. The first is my tinted lip balm that lives in my purse. It’s dark enough to give my lips a good color, but sheer enough that I don’t have to apply precisely. I just swipe this on whenever I feel like it. It’s the only lip balm I use and somehow I’ve managed not to lose it. And the last is this lip gloss, which smooths out the lips and plumps them slightly. The gloss feels cooling and is not irritating at all.


image via Walmart
image via Walmart
image via Walmart



Hopefully this helps you find some new makeup ideas for 2020 (or whatever year you read this). This makeup process takes me anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on how much I apply and how detailed I go. What I love about this makeup is that it can be subtle or bright.


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