2017 Christmas Gift Guide/Wish List!

I am someone who LOVES Christmas, but I also like to respect that Thanksgiving comes first. So I’ve been toying with putting this post up for quite awhile. But since Black Friday (and Cyber Monday if they are still separate?) are coming so soon I decided it was time! This list is partially recommendations, and partially things I really want! I’ll make sure to put descriptions and links to everything. Let me know if I’m missing something great and I’ll add it 🙂

FOODIE Category – non-appliance, but still for the foodie lovers!

  • Against All Grain Celebrations Cookbook  – {click for link!} This has been on my wish list since last year, and if I can find a good price this Black Friday I’m going to purchase it with some leftover birthday money. I love Danielle (the author) and every recipe of hers I love. The idea that there is something festive for every big event makes me so happy.
  • Well Fed Weeknights – {click for link!} This is my #1 most used cookbook. I also own Well Fed and Well Fed 2, but this one is by far the most practical and is also about triple the size of the original. Mel Joulwan is the most skilled paleo cook in my opinion. But these recipes are loved by all!
  • Salt & Pepper Grinder Set – {click for link!} Once you start using fresh ground salt and pepper, the taste difference is astounding. I don’t think I could go back to pre-ground, especially for pepper. This set is easy to carry around thanks to the holder, and looks simple yet chic. Note that it does not come filled, here are the salt {link} and pepper {link} that we bought to fill them up with. I still have a ton left of each.
  • Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set – {click for link!} this is on my wish list because we buy our olive oil in bulk from Sam’s Club and I loved our salt & pepper set so much. I think these look great and are convenient for drizzling vegetables (or anything) and keep both items together easily.
  • French Press – Bodum {click for link!} okay so this kind of teeters into an appliance but isn’t electric so I’m going to call it not one. This is a French Press, and if you’ve got a coffee lover in your life, this may be something they’d love. This one was handed down to me by my dad (or rather his passing away) so it’s got some strong emotion behind it. But beyond that, this is just a workhorse. My dad had this for at least 8 years before I received it a year ago. It is in excellent condition (and he used it daily!). I’ve linked the model that looks identical. Being that mine is at least 9 years old, it might be slightly different, but I remember my dad saying that Bodum makes the best french press by far. I’m taking his word on it 🙂


A word of caution here if you are a significant other trying to gift this to another significant other….make sure you have both okayed gifting appliances. For some people, this is not an acceptable gift (especially if it’s the “main” gift) and is way too practical.  For me, I’d be okay if we both decided to get one practical item for each other, but if it was one-sided, I’d be upset. This may have happened before with us and it’s another story, just some advice 😉

  • Instant Pot – {click for link!} you might think this is the most overrated kitchen “thing” ever, but it’s not. If you like, keep an eye out for Black Friday deals, OR purchase a slightly older model – this one I have is $75! I’m still working mine out, but it’s done great so far! The meat I’ve made has been amazingly tender, and my favorite feature is that you can saute/brown meat and vegetables all in the same thing! It’s SO much faster than a slow-cooker, can cook food from frozen, and is just a powerhouse. There is a reason these things have such a buzz around them!
  • Immersion Blender – {click for link!} if you make ranch/mayo/any creamy sauce, you will thank me for suggesting this. It makes ANY creamy sauce totally goof-proof. I have literally never messed up a sauce (knock on wood!). Can’t recommend enough!
  • Roomba – {click for link!} my mom has one. My aunts on both sides of my family have them. My grandma has one. These things are MAGICAL. It literally vaccuums your floor for you. You can program it to vaccuum WHILE YOU ARE GONE. How does that not get better?! We have a lot of hard floors and I can’t even explain how much I would love this, from anyone except my husband that is. Also noted that the price has gone down significantly since these were first released several years ago. $270 is a lot, but that is so much time saved and time is money (if you are in a good financial place that is. I never want anything I suggest to put a strain on your budget!)
  • Bissell Cross Wave Steam Mop/Vacuum – {click for link!} okay so this was a suggestion/request by my husband. It’s a combo vacuum and steam mop (yes, I am sort of recommending/wish-listing two vacuums). BUT, it vacuums and mops at the same time. Like super well. Once he showed me the commerical, I was in love. We also currently use (as we have for the past year) a push mop and bucket of soapy water which cost us $5 total. I’m also interested in the Rubbermaid Reveal for a cheaper but still sturdy mop option {link!}


  • Library of Flowers True Vanilla Hand Cream – {click for link!} if you havent read my review on the True Vanilla perfume, click here. I am head over heels for that scent and really, REALLY want the hand creme. It’s $24, but I promise the scent is heaven and it isn’t greasy. This would be my perfect stocking stuffer (though a pricy one!)
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment -(link!)  in an Instagram (link) post, I admitted that these are my splurge beauty item. They are insanely expensive ($24 for a lip balm), but to me that makes them the perfect present. They are luxurious and beautiful. My favorite color is Berry, which has a good amount of tint, but also the Rose is beautiful.
  • DevaDryer – {click for link!} okay this is a TOTAL wish list item. If you have read about my wavy hair, you might know that I always air dry my hair. Always. I don’t own a diffuser, but I’ve been wanting this one since I began my natural hair journey. But $150? That’s expensive! But it doesn’t mean it isn’t on my list. An affordable, also highly rate option would be the xtava orchid diffuser {link!}. The shape is totally different, but both are recommended by wavies everywhere. It’s only $15 right now!


  • Everlane Cable Knit hat & Mittens – Everlane {click for link!} has amazing high quality items at a decent price point. Not cheap. Don’t get me wrong, a sweater is going to be $100+, but the quality is gorgeous and their mission is awesome. Transparent pricing. Always. They break down the costs and it feels real. It isn’t fast fashion and everything is beautiful. Since I’m 20 weeks pregnant, only the accessories are on my personal list, but if I wasn’t the list would be much longer!

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