Been There.

At age 21 and 22, my husband and I found ourselves expecting a baby and facing over six figures in student loans. It was scary. REALLY scary. We had lived in our fun, happy world of college. (Actually, we both studied engineering disciplines so it was also a lot of hard work). Nothing had truly prepared us for what was to come: life. Like, real life. Suddenly the slamming reality of jobs, an infant, daycare, health insurance, taxes, and all these things we didn’t have a clue about. Yes, we both managed to get through differential equations, but the rest of this?

Oh and the other important piece of this puzzle is that we were both super into healthy living. Specifically, we decided that as we were paying off our student loans that we would NOT sacrifice our health. One of the best ways I did this was REALLY meal planning and saving. My focus is on cooking Whole30 and Paleo meals. We primarily eat…

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Added Sugar Free

And yes, we do this on a TIGHT budget. If you’re ready to learn more…welcome.