About Me

Hi, my name is Rachel Smith. I’m a 23-year-old full time engineer, mom, and MBA student. My husband Travis and I began this journey with well over six figures in student loans. We are now debt free and working on our 3-6 months emergency fund.

Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Forest

This blog began writing to reach out to those who have acquired massive student loan debt. It’s a MAJOR problem in the U.S. that not many people talk about. Paying off debt this intensely can affect every aspect of life. Somthing that our family decided right away is that we would NOT sacrifice our health for the sake of becoming debt free. We eat Paleo (Whole30-ish) with the occassional Whole30. We pay for gym memberships (yes more than one) and use them. We also LOVE being outdoors. Camping and hiking will always be a priority of ours.

Since beginning this website, I’ve grown into other interests including

  • Natural Hair – aka no heat tools, no silicones, no sulfates. Just my wavy hair.
  • Minimalism/Zero Waste – these interests arose from a tight budget actually!
  • Makeup&Skincare – always have been a interest, I just didn’t think to write about them.

If you are interested to see how we live life and some other fun, random things from methen please join me in the journey!