Budget Fail and Budget Win

This week I had a budget fail that really stuck out to me as a “stupid tax,” but then also a budget win that almost made up for it just a day later! These were both pretty unique things so I figured it might be an entertaining read. Because I want to end on a positive note, let’s start with the budget fail….

Budget Fail: Bacon

I have a really efficient habit that has worked really well for me until yesterday. Occasionally on my lunch breaks, I’ll do some grocery shopping. I work almost directly next to an Aldi, so if I’ve got my list I’m not even pressed for time. This is my working mom hack: using my lunch break to do the shopping means I can get home sooner! In wintertime this is even easier. I just leave everything in my car because it’s naturally in a freezer this way.  In August though? Well…I think you may see where this budget fail is going.


I had a really short list today of what I’d be purchasing. In fact, I only had one refrigerated item. Bacon. My husband needed it for a recipe he was making that night. While at Aldi I picked up everything I needed. I put the bacon and some cherries I planned to eat at work on the front seat of my car. This was so I wouldn’t forget it. About two hours later, I’m sitting at my desk munching on cherries when I think, “wait, did I grab that bacon?!” So I run to the fridge and it’s not there. I practically run to my car and sure enough there was the bacon. I grab it out and the package is literally hot. So I bring it inside, and straight into the trash it goes. Talk about wasteful. I was pretty bummed about that, and I may need to rethink my strategy of lunchtime shopping if cold items are involved.


Budget Win: the Headshot

This actually started off being a potential budget fail. I got into work yesterday morning and in my inbox was an email from the VP at our company. He sent it late in the evening the day before and apologized for the late notice. It was a notice that we were having professional headshots taken on Thursday and that we were required a dress code of a white or oxford blue button up. No exceptions. Mind you, I received this the day before our headshots! I didn’t own either required color button up mentioned which meant last minute shopping.  At lunch, I decided to head to a thrift store just to check. I found a lovely white button down in perfect condition. I looked at the tag after trying it on and realized it was Brooks Brothers! And it only cost me $2.99! Just a quick reference, Brooks Brothers has a very similar top on their website currently listed for $98!!  So I am now calling this annoyance a big budget win! A white button down is a classic piece that will be good to have for my professional future. It’s a super high quality shirt, and I’m getting a free professional headshot courtesy of my company. Yay!


What are YOUR budget wins? Any stupid taxes? Let me know!



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