July Favorite of the Month

Welcome to my favorite of the month! I select ONE item from my beauty/hygiene products (all hair, skin, and makeup) that has really stood out to me as being the top item. The reason I do this is to appreciate what I have. Aside from my eyeshadow palettes, all of my makeup fits into one bag. My skincare can all fit in a drawer. I don’t own a room full of products, so when I say something is my one favorite of the month, it is my FAVORITE. So here is my July favorite of the month!

Library of Flowers True Vanilla Parfum: the story

I found this fragrance as a happy accident. In fact, I was flying home from Anchorage, my hometown, back to Michigan. I had some extra time in the Anchorage airport, and stumbled upon the most gorgeous hand cream I have ever smelled/used. The feel was perfect and that scent. Nothing had ever smelled so perfect to me. It was vanilla and amber without smelling like a cupcake or frosting. The name of the fragrance said it all: “True Vanilla.” I asked the worker how much it cost (because I couldn’t find the price anywhere), and it turned out to be $37.50. OUCH. Gorgeous though it was, this was just too much. So I left and made a note to check the website of this brand at some point to mention this as a gift idea in the future.

Then, fate struck when I reached the Seattle airport. I went into another little shop during my three hour layover. This shop happened to have not only the hand cream, but also a solid perfume and a bottle of parfum. The prices were also much more reasonable (that same exact hand cream was $26 here!). I immediately sprayed the parfum and it was as intoxicating as the hand cream had been. Not wanting to make an impulse buy, I left the store immediately and went to eat my breakfast that I’d packed.

During this and the next hour, I kept noticing how amazing my wrist smelled. Ironically, while on the trip home I’d been talking to my mom how I wanted to pick up a “more summer appropriate” fragrance. So in the Seattle Terminal, I did some intense Google research (yes, that is sarcastic) and found that this brand is a very boutique type of brand. It isn’t sold in many stores, so it’s crazy that I found them twice in a row. The parfum was listed at $48, but with shipping, came almost to the $54 that the Seattle airport shop was charging. I think that $54 is a great price point for this. Margot Elena (Library of Flowers) is a small batch perfumery made in Colorado, USA.

My Jo Malone fragrances cost more but the quality of this feels so much better.  Quick note: for the life of me I have NO clue what the name of the shop was, but it was directly off of the nice main food court area with the huge wall of windows. When I realized the price wasn’t going to be better online, I decided that this was it. Yes, this was an impulse buy. I’m actually very good at impulse buying and first impressions. If I don’t love it immediately, I won’t use it/wear it etc. That airport impulse easily became my July Favorite of the Month!

Actual Favorite of the Month Product Review

This is the best impulse buy of my life. I have worn this fragrance every.single.day. And I have gotten at least two compliments a week. This scent is everything I have ever wanted in a fragrance. According to the website, the fragrance has top notes of bergamont, middle notes of dark vanilla, and base notes of amber. Basically what this means is that I smell warm and inviting, but not sickly sweet. I think a lot of people would classify this is a warm, fall and winter fragrance. Personally, I find it great for all seasons but got this for spring/summer/whenever! The packaging is gorgeous. Margot Elena is a true artist, and the designs are beautiful. The parfum came in a paper box inside a cardboard box. This is how I leave it displayed and it doubles as pretty bathroom decor!

How I leave this displayed…it’s hard to see but there is a nice wooden box surrounding the paper one.


The only downside is that I don’t know if the scent lasts consistently. Some days, I smell like the parfum all day, but other days I feel the scent fades. I love the smell so much that I’m thinking about getting the solid parfum to layer. Overall though, I can’t say enough good things about this fragrance!


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