Marquette Weekend Getaway

In my last post, I mentioned that we had traveled and spent a bit more than we meant to. One of these weekends was Travis’ and my Marquette weekend getaway. Honestly, I’m okay with us overspending because this was our first long weekend away together in quite some time. This wasn’t just a weekend away for us, it was traveling for a friend’s wedding. But we decided that since the travel was pretty far from home to take a vacation day. I’m so glad we did, because the day of the wedding was pretty rough. Poor Travis was REALLY sick, and he doesn’t get sick often. I think he would’ve been happiest if I’d let him stay in bed for 36hrs straight. Being the wonderful husband he is, we went hiking together (albeit a lot less than I wanted and after me running to get him medicine and breakfast). We went to Presque Isle, a gorgeous park along Lake Superior. This is where people famously cliff jump. We did see people doing this. I was about to until I realized that 100% of people jumping were obnoxious high-schoolers. This wouldn’t have been my first time cliff jumping, so I decided to walk into the water (which is freezing even in July) and that was all.

marquette weekend getaway
Preqsue Isle Park – some hiking during our Marquette weekend getaway

The Most Important Food on a Marquette Weekend Getaway is…

After this hiking came pasties. Good, true, yooper pasties. What is a Yooper you ask? Click here. What is a pasty you ask? Click here. In short, the pasty is a rich delicious meat and potatoes pie wrapped in buttery, flaky crust. Honestly, by the sound of it, a pasty doesn’t sound like something I’d like. But the taste. Oh man. If you ever are in the middle of nowhere Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you NEED to eat a pasty. I can personally recommend Jean Kay’s in Marquette (which is what we ate on and brought home from our Marquette weekend getaway), Lawry’s in Ishpeming, and Amy J’s in Hancock. Any of these and you’ll have a delicious stick-to-your ribs, perfectly portioned meal.

a little piece of heaven, also known as a pasty. This is from Jean Kay’s Pasties and Subs in Marquette.

Also on our agenda was Blackrocks Brewery, which I have a love/hate relationship with. The beer is good, the vibe can be a big miss depending on the crowd that is there. The summer season helped, we had a great time when we were there. I didn’t take any photos there though, bummer! I did however walk out the proud owner of an extremely comfy t-shirt dress that is 100% fair trade cotton. I haven’t seen anything quite like this, and it was so comfy. So comfy that I decided it’d be a good outfit to hike in! It was fine, but the choice to wear sandals wasn’t as fine. I could’ve rolled my ankle or broken a toe on roots/rocks, but thankfully nothing eventful happened. I got more quality time with my husband than I have in at least a year, even if he was sick as a dog for a good portion of it.

I do not advise hiking in a dress and sandals. Do so at your own risk.

Oh and the wedding?  A great time was had by all, the happy couple is married and on their honeymoon. Grateful that their wedding also meant a Marquette weekend getaway for us!


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