First DevaCut Experience: A Full Review

About a week and a half ago, I decided to take a trip home for one of my good friend’s weddings. I don’t think I’ve come out and said it, but my hometown is in Anchorage, Alaska. Yep, surprise! So trips home are few and far between since I now live a few thousand miles away. Anyways, a few DAYS before leaving I was able to book my first DevaCut! Like almost everything, news of Devacurl has taken forever to reach Alaska. Where I live now, I’d need to book my first DevaCut  months in advance. Actual months. So I was shocked (and a little nervous) that I could book it only three days prior. AND, it was cheaper! Back home, a DevaCut costs around $80. My appointment was $60. In the end, I got a new client 10% discount so the cut cost $54. I tipped her $16 bringing my total to $70 –  a a 30% tip and still less than what I’d figured to pay.

Before it Began

My first DevaCut appointment was set for an hour and a half, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The stylist (Jalynne at Marie’s Beauty in Anchorage) brought me over to the chair and said she would cut my hair dry, then wash and style, and then do a little more cutting as needed. She let me know she would be talking a lot about the products and explaining how to use them. She asked which DevaCurl products I’ve tried (the answer is what is in the Celebrate Wavy kit – read my review here) and how my wash/style routine is at home. She asked what I wanted for my hair and the answer was pretty simple: any dead ends gone, and shape to my lifeless mop. I also told her I didn’t mind losing some length if it meant that I’d have a better shape.

Phase One of my First DevaCut: Dry Cut

The stylist took off between two and five inches of hair depending on the section. Watching her in the mirror was amazing. I saw her giving life to my hair before my eyes and it was very interesting. It was like she was sculpting my hair – actually sculpting. This part of the process took maybe 20 minutes or so, which was slightly shorter than I expected. The stylist asked me several questions about DevaCurl during this time. She also gave me some general information of why she was cutting my hair this way. We talked a bit more in detail about my current routine, and she confirmed that showering at night will likely need to end. She told me to kick hubby out of the shower because “he doesn’t have to worry as much about his hair,” which was hilarious and true. We’ll see where that fits into my troubleshooting.

Phase Two: The Wash and (some) Styling

The majority of the talking about products happened during the wash/condition. She used the Low-Poo original and the One Condition Delight on my hair. At this time, I told her I can’t stand the smell of the Wavy (Delight) line. She told me that the original line would be perfectly fine for my hair, and I definitely prefer that scent. If/when I purchase more Deva shampoo/conditioner, I’ll go for the original line. Then came the unique part: the stylist handed me a towel saying it was “for my eyes” then laid a towel over my shoes. She had me flip my head over and began scrunching in the Frizz Free Volumizing Foam. She also used some of the styling cream and continued. After scrunching for a couple of minutes, I flipped my head back over and we walked back to the styling chair, where she prepped my hair to dry.

Phase Three: Drying/Diffusing

I’m not sure if this is how traditional DevaCuts are done, but she clipped my hair for volume and set me up under a hood dryer. The stylist said this would be faster than diffusing all of my hair. I would definitely agree. She left me for about 15 minutes, came back, took out the clips, and left for maybe 5 more. Then, she took off the hood and began diffusing my hair. I noted immediately that she was not using the DevaFuser, but instead used a basic diffuser. I didn’t mind because my hair was looking awesome, and opted not to ask in case she isn’t supposed to be using a different type. She diffused for a few minutes to ensure my hair was fully dry to finish shaping. Then, she “scrunched out the crunch” that was left from the styling products. Finally, she shaped just a tiny bit more and I was set!

Results of My First DevaCut!

BEFORE: My hair about a month before my first DevaCut. Very flat with light layers.


AFTER: The result of my first DevaCut!

The final result is what you see in the photo and I LOVE it! The stylist definitely went a bit shorter but my hair needed it. My hair looked amazing through day two, but started to get more product build up than usual by day 3. My hair will adjust to the product, but it will be interesting to see what happens when I return to my “normal” hair routine with different products.

Have YOU had a DevaCut? Are you thinking about your first DevaCut? Let me know!


If you are interested in purchasing DevaCurl – click here (not an affiliate link. Just a link.) Nothing in this post is sponsored.

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